‘I Agree We Haven’t Been Perfect’: Google Americas President Comments on Google Ad Problems

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Google Americas President Allan Thygesen commented on the company’s advertising problems during a panel discussion on Tuesday, where he admitted the faults in the system.

“Few companies have as large a stake in the future digital advertising as Google does, and I completely agree and acknowledge that we haven’t been perfect,” declared Thygesen. “It’s not a challenge that Google can solve on its own, but we can certainly take the lead in identifying some principles that can hopefully help the issue moving forward.”

Thygesen also claimed that certain measures attempted to fix the problems were “a complete miss on our part.”

According to Business Insider, “Thygesen also said that the company was committed to building trust, evident in the fact that it was issuing refunds for ads that ran on websites with fake traffic, and working on developing a tool to give marketers more transparency about the ads they buy on its platform.”

During the discussion, the Google Americas president reportedly proclaimed, “These are three principles that we all need to aspire to as an industry and they apply equally across consumers, advertisers, and publishers… We want advertising to be valuable, in that it allows an advertiser to reach real people and get real business value.”

In their effort to appease advertisers, Google has repeatedly damaged the content creators on its YouTube platform, where dozens of their largest partners have reported a complete loss of revenue, or least a considerable drop.

Content creators were further angered last week after the company made further monetization restrictions.

Last month, liberal interviewer Dave Rubin, who has interviewed dozens of prominent political figures, announced that a large percentage of his videos had been demonetized, cutting him off from being able to make money on the millions of views he typically gets.

Other popular YouTube creators who have also been demonetized recently include fast food reviewer TheReportOfTheWeek, former presidential candidate Ron Paul, and transgender commentator Blaire White.

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