Lush Cosmetics Strips Shop Windows to Protest Transgender ‘Discrimination’, Launches ‘Be an Ally’ Campaign

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AP/Kathy Willens

Lush, a popular cosmetics chain which specializes in natural, vegetarian, and vegan products, has stripped their shop windows and launched a campaign in an effort to protest “discrimination” against transgender people.

“For the next two weeks, we’re stripping all product from our shop windows to take a deep dive into the discrimination faced by transgender people in North America while discussing how cisgender people can be good allies,” declared the company on Twitter. “#TransRightsAreHumanRights – RT if you stand with us.”

Instead of displaying products in the shop windows, Lush is now displaying quotes from transgender employees.

Lush Cosmetics is also selling transgender-themed “Inner Truth” bath bombs during the campaign, and distributing booklets on “how to be a trans ally,” while the company published two articles on their website: “Trans Rights are Human Rights,” and a transgender term glossary to help people use “correct, respectful language to describe transgender experiences and identities.”

100 percent of the profits from the bath bombs, excluding tax, will be donated to transgender charities.

“One of the first steps to becoming a trans ally is using correct, respectful language to describe transgender experiences and identities. This is a powerful way to promote the recognition and equity of trans and non-binary folks,” expressed Lush on their website. “These terms have only become widespread in their use in the past few decades, and understandably are still under construction. They’ll continue to evolve as we deepen our understanding of the breadth of people’s experiences and identities. We’ve included some terms you’re likely to use and encounter, but there are certainly many more out there!”

Terms which the company defined in their glossary included: Cisgender, gender identity, LGBTQ2+, non-binary, and two-spirit.

In a comment to HuffPost, Lush Cosmetics’ Ethical Campaigns Specialist Carleen Pickard declared, “At Lush, it’s important for us to listen to our staff and find out what issues they are most passionate about. Transgender rights has consistently been at the top of the list.”

“As an inclusive employer who champions equality, we simply couldn’t stand by knowing our co-workers fear for their lives because of who they are,” Pickard continued. “So we felt it was our duty to shed light on these daily discriminations and work to advance and secure their basic rights.”

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