Media Research Center Will Fact Check the Social Media Fact Checkers

Politifact Truth-O-Meter

The Media Research Center (MRC), a watchdog organization that tracks left-wing bias in the mainstream media, has announced a project to fact-check the myriad of fact-checking organizations that are relied upon by mainstream news and social media companies to verify factual claims in news stories.

MRC plans to monitor a range of fact-checking organizations, including,,, Washington Post Fact Checker, AP Fact Check and CNN Fact Check.

In a statement, the MRC said:

As major news outlets increasingly rely on leftist “fact-checkers” to verify the credibility of news, the MRC will ensure the fact-checkers themselves are reliable, or exposed as liberal partisans if they aren’t.

While fact-checking the accuracy of news is needed, often it is used as a medium to push a political agenda. Many fact-checking groups routinely cast judgments while failing to disclose their own liberal bias, and the public is on to it. According to a 2016 Rasmussen poll, an astonishing 62 percent of American voters believe fact-checkers are biased.

While CNN and the Washington Post are already well-known for their far-left bias, the purportedly non-partisan fact-checkers suffer from similar problems. Snopes recently “fact-checked” a satirical website, causing Facebook to threaten the site with demonetization. The allegedly impartial fact-checker also hires employees like far-left loon  Bethania Palma, who compared Trump to the KKK and defended anti-white racism.

PolitiFact is little better — the site is funded by the Clinton Foundation and repeatedly offered tame fact-checks to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign, while at the same time “fact-checking” Ted Cruz over a joke.

Google was recently forced to suspend a fact-checking feature that relied heavily on Snopes and PolitiFact, after it was revealed that the feature almost exclusively targeted conservative media.

On Twitter, MRC president Brent Bozell said his organization “routinely finds instances when fact-checkers bend the truth.”

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