Twitter Bans Prominent Pro-Trump Activists as It Fights Censorship Allegations

Associated Press

Twitter banned the account of a pro-Trump grassroots campaign with 15 state field directors along with another prominent Trump supporter, failing to reinstate the accounts on the same day that the company came under fire from the president himself for discrimination against conservatives.

Eight days ago, Twitter banned the account of a pro-Trump grassroots organization called New Right US (@newrightus.) Co-founded by political activist Mike Tokes, the account represented an organization that mobilizes Trump supporters around the country.

“We have over 15 state directors and a team of social media influencers throughout the country” said Tokes. “It wasn’t just some website with no action. We were really expanding.”

Because Twitter refuses to be transparent about the reasons it suspends accounts, it did not inform the owners of @newrightus, or Breitbart News, why the account had been suspended. Tokes says the account, which accumulated approximately 10,000 followers prior to its suspension, had not engaged in any rule-violating behavior.

Tokes says Twitter initially restricted the account for seven days, but that “now it shows no option to reactivate, meaning it’s permanent.”

On the same day, Twitter suspended the account of TheALX (@theALX), a pseudonymous Trump supporter who had accumulated approximately 23,000 followers, including influential conservatives like Sean Hannity and Katrina Pierson.

TheALX doesn’t use his real name on Twitter, he says, because he’s a college student from a “very liberal” state, and doesn’t want to jeopardize any educational or professional opportunities over his political views

“They didn’t tell me why I was suspended” TheALX told Breitbart News. “I always am cautious when I Tweet, so I avoid profanity and always fact check before I post.”

TheALX says he had spent two years working on his account prior to its suspension, and now worries about the impact on his career.

“I’m running social media for a conference and an organization and being suspended hurts my ability to network and be recognized in the professional realm of politics” he says. “Twitter is almost necessary for a career involved with politics these days, so I feel like I have been shut out from a potential career that I would be passionate about.”

As with New Right US, Twitter initially told TheALX that the suspension would last Seven days. Eight days have now transpired, leading TheALX to conclude that the suspension is permanent.

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