Professor Christina Greer Apologizes for Calling Mollie Tibbetts ‘Just Some Girl from Iowa’

Professor Christina Greer
Fordham University

Fordham University professor Christina Greer came under fire and subsequently apologized for minimizing the tragedy surrounding Mollie Tibbetts’ death during an appearance on MSNBC.

Fordham University Professor Christina Greer said that Mollie Tibbetts was “just a girl in Iowa” during a segment on MSNBC this week. Tibbetts was murdered in July allegedly by an illegal alien who had been living in the United States for four to seven years.

“The Republican party is not working on behalf of the American people. They are working on behalf of Donald Trump,” Greer began “And he’s been able to bully them into their silence. And I don’t think today changes much, unfortunately.”

“But Fox News is talking about a girl in Iowa and not this, right?” she added.

After a backlash against Greer erupted on social media, she turned to blaming “right wing media.” “When right wing media decides to target you, you really see the ‘economic anxiety’ come out,” she tweeted.

Several hours later, after the backlash had swelled, Greer changed her tone and issued an apology, spelling Tibbetts’ name wrong in the process. “Yesterday I said something flippant that was unintended. Mollie Tibbets [sic] was a promising young woman who lost her life,” she tweeted. “My hope is that her family will find peace & justice and that her murder is not used to justify a discriminatory immigration policy. #Apologiesaremyown.”

In addition to her teaching at Fordham University, Greer is a fellow at the New York University McSilver Institute for poverty research.


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