George Washington University Feminists Condemn Women’s March over Anti-Semitism

The organizers of the Women’s March, from left to right: Bob Bland, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, and Tamika Mallory, at BET’s Social Awards in Atlanta, February 11, 2018.
(Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Feminist students at George Washington University condemned the Women’s March organization for their leader’s anti-semitism.

Left-wing students at George Washington University came out aggressively this week against the popular Women’s March organization, which has faced a wave of criticism over the past year for controversies surrounding its leaders and anti-semitism.

In a statement posted to Facebook, the Feminist Student Union at Georgetown University condemned the Women’s March for its growing reputation of anti-semitism.

This year, we encourage everyone to do some research about the allegations surrounding the March and make their own informed decision about their participation. GW FSU supports the actions of grassroots movements, but, unfortunately, sometimes these movements are not nearly as cohesive or intersectional as we may wish. Comprehensive and cohesive movements, such as the Women’s March, have the capacity to make effective change, but we cannot support these actions unless they are extended to all identities, such as the case with the 2019 Women’s March. For this reason, we will not be organizing any action to attend the March together.

The George Washington University College Democrats came out with a much stronger statement against the organization. In their statement, the group said that they would not be sending any students to the Women’s March event as a protest against the organization’s ongoing tolerance for anti-semitism.

GW College Democrats has zero tolerance for any forms of bigotry or hate, and we strongly condemn any Anti-Semitism that is present among some of the leaders of the Women’s March. We will continue to support this movement’s values and mission of transformative social change with the inclusion of diversity among women but we can not in good conscience support the organization. We will not have any official representation at the rally being held today nor encourage our members to attend.

Women’s March Co-President Tamika Mallory defended her friendship with Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan last week during an appearance on The View. Farrakhan, who is known for his anti-semitism, has praised Adolf Hitler as a “very great man. And in a tweet that is still live online, Farrakhan compared Jewish people to “termites.”


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