Twitter Suspends Reporter for ‘Learn to Code’ Joke After CEO Admits Action Too ‘Aggressive’

witter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey sparked online outrage with a series of tweets praising Myanmar, without making any reference to the persecution of Rohingya that has sent hundreds of thousands fleeing across the border

Twitter suspended Daily Caller reporter Chuck Ross for twelve hours, Sunday, after he posted “Learn to code.”

“My Twitter account was suspended for 12 hours for sending this tweet, which was clearly a joke about the popular meme and John Hickenlooper’s comment,” declared Ross after the temporary ban. “I thought @jack acknowledged to @joerogan that Twitter was ‘too aggressive’ in banning ppl over this?”

Just last week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted on the Joe Rogan Experience that Twitter was “probably way too aggressive” for banning users who posted, “Learn to code” in response to recently laid-off journalists, however the social network continues to sanction users who make the comment.

Washington Examiner contributor Tyler Grant was also recently suspended temporarily for posting, “Learn to code.”

Though Grant was reportedly “not using the phrase to mock any particular individual,” and instead used “it in the context of a debate about the universal basic income, automation, and the technological displacement of jobs,” he was still sanctioned by the social network.

Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Ingersoll was also locked out of his account in February.

As previously reported by Breitbart News’ Lucas Nolan, “Shortly after a number of left-wing journalists were laid off, Twitter users — many who were conservatives — tweeted at the journalists to ‘learn to code,’ the same advice that many left-wing publications gave to coal miners and laborers who found themselves out of jobs.”

In January, Twitter claimed posting “Learn to code,” in light of the media layoffs, counted as “targeted harassment.”

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