College Admissions Bribe Scandal: Silicon Valley ‘Ethical’ Investor Bill McGlashan Charged

Bill McGlashan founding partner of TPG Growth
Steve Jennings/Getty

A leading proponent of “ethical” investing in Silicon Valley allegedly participated in the college admissions scandal that was uncovered by the Department of Justice this week.

According to a report from Recode, Silicon Valley investor Bill McGlashan allegedly made a $250,000 payment to the University of Southern California to help his son gain admission. As part of the scheme, McGlashan would pretend that his son was a recruit for USC’s football team. With the help of mastermind William “Rick” Singer, McGlashan is accused of crafting a fake athletic profile for his son.

The fraud didn’t stop there. McGlashan, who is arguably the most powerful parent that participated in the alleged scheme,  also allegedly paid Singer $50,000 to modify his son’s standardized test score. Singer allegedly deployed a series of methods to achieve the test scores that his clients desired. In some cases, Singer encouraged the students to persuade doctors to specific diagnoses that would allow them to receive extra time on standardized tests. In a testing environment controlled by Singer, a proctor would correct the student’s answers after they left the exam room. In other instances, Singer had another person (a 36-year-old man) take the exam for the students.

In an exchange that was uncovered by the DOJ, McGlashan made jokes about the fraud with Singer. “I’m gonna make him a kicker/punter and they’re gonna walk him through with football, and I’ll get a picture and figure out how to Photoshop,” Singer said in August 2018.

“He does have really strong legs,” McGlashan said in response. “Maybe he’ll become a kicker. You never know.”

And then, McGlashan, the face of “ethical” investing said, “Pretty funny,” McGlashan said. “The way the world works these days is unbelievable.”

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for more updates on the college admissions scandal.


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