UNLV Student Protesters Tear Down TPUSA Display, Flip Table

UNLV TPUSA protest

Student protesters at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) tore down a display and flipped a recruiting table belonging to the school’s Turning Point USA student group on Monday, after taking offense to the group’s signage promoting a secured United States southern border.

Advocating for a secured United States border while trying to recruit members for your conservative student group is not always easy on a college campus. Just ask the students involved in UNLV’s TPUSA student group, who had their recruiting displays destroyed by shouting protesters outraged over their signage.

In one video filmed during the incident, a male protester wearing heels can be seen tearing down the group’s “wall” display, while another student proceeds to flip the TPUSA recruiting table, knocking all of the table’s contents to the ground.

On Tuesday, students returned to campus to continue protesting the conservative group, and knocked the items off of the TPUSA recruiting table once again. TPUSA founder and executive director Charlie Kirk shared some of the videos of Tuesday’s incident on Twitter.

“Leftist violence!” said Kirk in a tweet, sharing a video of the incident, “Left wing radicals at @UNLV commit a crime by attacking our @TPUSA table. Our students are continually attacked for advocating for America.”

“Violent leftist tries to assault our @TPUSA student. This is happening almost daily,” said Kirk the following day in another tweet in which he posted an additional video of a second student protester, who this time, can be seen throwing an unidentifiable item at a TPUSA member.

“Where is the media?” asked the TPUSA founder.

“Many of the students protesting us got in our face and called us racist and were yelling profanities at us,” said UNLV TPUSA campus coordinator Parker Harris, “The students that actually joined us and shared our love for America and agreed with protecting our borders made me feel safer as the protester’s numbers grew.”

Harris added that around 200 students eventually arrived to protest the conservative group.

“The guy who kicked down the wall walked up with a look like he was going to hit someone,” said Harris, “a girl tried to tip over our table and actually pushed down our wall too — we appreciate their right to protest — it really just drew in a bigger crowd for us, honestly.”

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