Facebook and Twitter Refuse to Act Against Far-Left Troll Vic Berger, Who Smeared Family of Mike Cernovich

vic berger a far-left troll that has harassed Mike Cernovich for years
Vic Berger/YouTube

Facebook recently banned Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, the personal account of Alex Jones and others, categorizing some as “dangerous.” Yet they have taken no action against Vic Berger, a far-left personality who repeatedly harasses, smears, and engages in overtly threatening behavior against people he disagrees with politically.

Vic Berger IV is a far-left troll who has repeatedly targeted independent documentary filmmaker Mike Cernovich, who was a supporter of President Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016.

Berger has doctored images of Cernovich in an attempt to portray the father of two as a threat to children. In one tweet, he shared a doctored photo of Cernovich dressed as a clown and spread the false claim that a judge has ordered him to stay away from children. Berger tagged the FBI in his tweet.

Berger also shared a fake video of Cernovich’s daughter. The video was one of Cernovich’s periscopes, but the left-wing troll used a clip that had been edited to include audio of a child screaming in the background. “Weird Mike Cernovich is a rapist and also a bad dad,” wrote Berger, who also cc’d a child protection agency.

By tagging the FBI and the agency in his tweets, Berger encourages false police action against Cernovich, a dangerous tactic in the same vein as “SWATing,” which has led to accidental deaths due to police action in the past. At a minimum, a false report to child protection services risks wasting the resources of those organizations.

Cernovich alerted Facebook to Berger’s behavior as early as August 2018, but the social network which now claims to oppose misinformation, harassment, and “dangerous” individuals refused to take action against a person who was sharing fake videos of the filmmaker’s daughter.

Berger isn’t just a regular Facebook user either — he’s a member of the Facebook Watch program, which prioritizes the left-wing troll’s video content in the social network’s algorithm. Cernovich highlighted this to Facebook months ago, but the tech company took no action against Berger.

Despite sharing his smear-filled videos on Twitter, Berger also remains verified on that platform. He has not even been asked to delete the tweets that slandered Cernovich.

In a comment to Breitbart News, Cernovich condemned social media platforms and the mainstream media for doing nothing about the harassment.

“A verified twitter user made fake videos of my wife and daughter and attempted to have us SWATTED” said Cernovich. “His followers have made repeated death threats throughout the years, prompting me to file a police report.”

“Vic Beger isn’t an anonymous account, he’s a public figure using his platform to incite death threats against children. I’ve sent a copy of the police report, which contains verified instances of harassment, to several media outlets.”

“Why does the media refuse to cover verifiable harassment and death threats? Why won’t social media companies take action?”

Breitbart News has reached out to Facebook and Twitter for comment.

Update — Following publication, a Twitter spokesperson provided the following statement to Breitbart News: “The Tweet is not currently in violation of the Twitter Rules.”

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