Vox Reporter and YouTube Censorship Advocate Carlos Maza Defended Antifa, Encouraged Political Violence

Vox reporter and YouTube Censor Carlos Maza

Vox reporter Carlos Maza, whose pressure campaign against YouTube contributed to the mass-demonetization and banning of independent media and right-wing channels, is a former Media Matters employee who defended the violent Antifa movement.

The Vox reporter who YouTube listened to, causing the #VoxAdpocalypse, also encouraged the recent trend physical attacks against pro-Brexit politicians in the United Kingdom, in which left-wing protesters hurled milkshakes at them. “Milkshake them all,” said Maza on Twitter, which has not restricted his account for promoting physical assaults on politicians.

Maza has also defended the violent far-left Antifa movement, which engages in political violence against conservatives, as “legitimate protest.” An Antifa activist has plead guilty to plotting acid attacks against Trump supporters, and another was arrested for allegedly attacking a Trump supporter with a metal bike lock.

In another post, Maza claimed the widely documented trend of persecution of Christians around the world is a “myth.”

Maza, who is gay, claimed his campaign against YouTube in general and conservative comedian Steven Crowder in particular was due to him taking offense at the latter making gay jokes. But he has also has a stated ideological commitment to “deplatforming” conservatives.

A former employee of far-left smear outlet Media Matters, which also works to deplatform the right, Maza says his motivation for joining was to “take down Fox News.” His Twitter bio currently says “Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist.”

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