Report: More Universities Offering Tampons in Men’s Restrooms

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Many universities around the country have begun to offer menstrual products in men’s restrooms as part of a campaign to support transgender students.

According to a report by The College Fix, many universities around the country are offering menstrual products in men’s restrooms. The tampons began popping up in restrooms after LGBT student groups urged administrators to recognize the needs of transgender students.

The Cornell Review reported in 2016 that 79 percent of Cornell students voted to provide free tampons and pads in all bathrooms. As a result of the decision, tampons and pads were placed in both female and male restrooms. Students argued that providing transgender students with menstrual products is a “basic human right” like “water.”

Pro and con statements relating to the initiative are posted on the Cornell Assemblies Elections page. Many of those who voted “yes” made claims along the lines of, “this is a basic human right, like water or shelter,” and that it’s “ridiculous” and “insane” that they aren’t free already. Many noted that condoms are freely available at the campus health center so tampons should be, too.

Similar resolutions have passed at institutions including the University of Arkansas, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Syracuse University. At Syracuse, a team of volunteers restocks the menstrual products each week.

University of Wisconsin-Madison spokesperson Meredith McGlone argued that the decision to provide menstrual products in all restrooms is part of the institution’s effort to be more inclusive. “This is one way the university is working to make campus more welcoming to students across the spectrum of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation,” McGlone said.

According to exclusive Google leaks and interviews published by Breitbart News in 2017, the social justice climate of the company is such that men’s restrooms were stocking tampons and other menstrual products at that time.

According to an article from Breitbart News Senior Tech Reporter Allum Bokhari:

One of the most surprising and bizarre pieces of information from Arthur’s interview is that feminine hygiene products are kept in men’s restrooms at Google. Arthur explained, “There are also women’s hygiene products in the men’s rooms, because as we all know, some men menstruate.”

Breitbart editors initially thought this claim was so absurd that we were being trolled with fake news. However, a previous interviewee, Emmett, corroborated the story saying, “It is certainly true that there are tampons and pads in men’s restrooms. To my understanding, there have been complaints that these were tossed away by men using the bathroom when no one was looking.”

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