Watch: Conservative Student Assaulted at Bentley University While Promoting Tomi Lahren Event

Violence against a conservative student at Bentley
Charlie Kirk/Twitter

The president of the Bentley Republicans club at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts, was allegedly assaulted while asking students to sign a petition to bring conservative commentator Tomi Lahren to campus. He also was the target of vandalism to his dorm room during the Spring semester.

A video appears to show an individual at Bentley University assaulting the president of the school’s Bentley Republicans group, Alex Christoffersen, while he was collecting signatures for his group’s petition to host conservative commentator Tomi Lahren on campus. Christoffersen had been petitioning at a table, which had a “Trump” flag draped over the front of it.

According to a Bentley University police report obtained by Breitbart News, the individual — who appeared to assault Christoffersen on video — told police that he “felt very disrespected” while walking by the “Trump table,” as he does not hold the same views as President Donald Trump.

Turning Point USA founder and executive director Charlie Kirk posted the video to his Twitter account on Tuesday.

Watch the incident below.

The assault, which took place in April, was not the only backlash that Christoffersen says he faced last semester for being an open conservative on campus. Leftist students at Bentley University appeared unable to help themselves from vandalizing the conservative student’s dorm room door, on which had signs and posters of prominent conservative figures.

According to two additional purported Bentley University police reports, Christoffersen’s door had been vandalized several times during March and April, which included students spitting on his door, tearing down his posters, and taping up “Title IX” posters.

“I requested the Administrator on Duty to come to University Police,” noted the reporting officer in a March police report, “She advised to Mr. Christoffersen that she will generate a report about the incident he observed — but getting people to stop removing posters on his door would be difficult, as it is most likely different perpetrators in every instance.”

The vandalism continued, just as the Bentley University administrator expected it would in the report. A second police report filed two weeks after Christoffersen was attacked on campus details the continuous vandalism to his door.

“These pictures have been repeatedly taken down, torn up, written on and even spit on,” states an April police report, “Christoffersen said this is approximately the tenth time his door room door has been vandalized.”

The report also noted that six videos were obtained by the police department, which showcased “various people taping Title IX posters to his door and vandalizing his door.” It was also noted that Christoffersen could even see and hear acts of vandalism continuing outside of his room while he drafted an email to police regarding previous acts of vandalism.

In addition to contacting police, Christoffersen told Breitbart News that he had also contacted the school’s Bias Incident Response Team, a department that “ensures students affected by bias or a bias-related incident have access to appropriate resources and assists the University in its response in situations that may impact the overall campus climate around diversity and inclusion.”

The conservative student added that the Bias Incident Response Team, however, did not conclude that an “incident of bias” had occurred with regards to the harassment and vandalism against Christoffersen.

“While this incident does not fall within the scope of the Bias Incident Response Team, as political affiliation is not covered in our policy, we agree that it is not acceptable that this has happened to you,” reads an email Christoffersen claims he had received from the bias response team.

Nonetheless, Bentley University affirms that each student on campus is expected to meet the standards of the school’s Student Conduct System.

“Bentley’s Student Conduct System applies to all campus incidents,” said Bentley University spokesperson Christopher Joyce to Breitbart News, “Students accused of misconduct are referred to the university conduct system and disciplined accordingly. We offer support and assistance to all students impacted by violations.”

“Bentley University is committed to freedom of speech and diverse expression, and part of our educational mission is to help our students learn to live out those values on a daily basis,” added Joyce, “In service of that mission, we regularly encourage our students to come together for constructive dialogue.”

“This spring, the university offered an open opportunity for students to discuss a proposed campus event,” continued the spokesperson, “The discussion was well attended and students in attendance asked for additional opportunities to continue their dialogue with one another.”

Christoffersen told Breitbart News that in addition to petitioning to host Lahren on campus, the Bentley Republicans are also attempting to raise money for the event — which they plan on hosting in the spring 2020 semester — via the group’s GoFundMe page.

The Bentley University Police Department did not immediately respond to Breitbart News’ request for comment.

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