TPUSA’s Alex Clark: Make Sure Conservative Students Don’t Feel ‘Alone in Their Beliefs’

TPUSA Alex Clark
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Turning Point USA (TPUSA) influencer Alex Clark joined SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow in a Wednesday interview for TPUSA’s weekly campus report, where she talked about the importance of conservatives being active on social media and in popular culture — components which have long been controlled by the political left.

Alex Clark recently joined TPUSA, where she plans to help the organization reach out to more young people through a new show that will launch this fall. Clark says the show will provide a “daily rundown” of everything pertaining to pop culture, which will also be infused with elements of politics.

“There is a massive need for all this stuff being covered on the right,” said Clark to Marlow on Wednesday, “and it’s important to make sure that these kids on college campuses don’t feel like they’re alone in their beliefs — we need to bring an ideological balance back on social media. There’s just none.”

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Clark said that she was previously on talk radio covering pop culture, and after incorporating her conservative views into her commentary, received positive messages from numerous young people disclosing that they, too, were conservative, and that it was nice to finally hear from someone in the media who shared their same views — on which they oftentimes remain silent.

The TPUSA influencer also shared her advice regarding which arguments she believes are the most persuasive when trying to reach with young people, as well as shared some insight on what she believes conservatives might be getting wrong while trying to get through to someone on the left who might be willing to listen.

I think sometimes conservatives forget that people that are staunchly liberal, they genuinely feel like they are morally right and more virtuous than a conservative. And so, that’s why they get so emotional and everything is, “I feel, I feel” — they have so many feelings, and that’s what they lead with — so I think when we talk to them, it’s important to recognize that first. Before you even get into a debate, I think you have to say — for example, with abortion, “I know that you care about women. I do, too. We both do — we might have some differences, but let’s talk about what could be the same.”

And just establishing that you do know that they mean well, we just have different ways of getting there, and then being willing to explain things like abortion — saying it’s a woman’s choice, that doesn’t make any sense — because there’s a baby inside of her body that’s a whole separate person with separate DNA — just putting things like that in a different perspective than what they’re normally hearing, because they’re hearing the same couple of things reiterated constantly on social media.

“Right now, the biggest thing, if you ask someone on the left, ‘what are you concerns?’ they’re going to say immigration,” said Clark, who added that she attempts to resonate with the left by noting that “building the wall” would save human lives, as it would prevent people from making the dangerous trek to the U.S. southern border.

Clark also talked about the importance of conservatives being active on social media.

“There are also students who aren’t into politics, who are completely apathetic to what’s going on in their country, but they’re still using [social media] platforms,” said Clark, “So, as people on the right — we need to be on there.”

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