UC Berkeley Sends ‘Message of Support’ to Illegal Aliens

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Administrators at UC Berkeley published a message of support for illegal alien students at the end of June.

UC Berkeley published a statement on June 26 that reaffirms their commitment to the university’s undocumented population. In the statement, UC Berkeley Public Affairs warned students about potential campus visits by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers.

The university claims that they are committed to building a strong relationship with undocumented students and faculty.

Every member of the UC Berkeley community is a valuable contributor to the university, regardless of immigration status. We recognize that recent reports of potential raids has many in our community (locally and in other parts of the country) feeling a heightened level of anxiety. We remain steadfast in welcoming, supporting, and building community with our undocumented students and staff.

The statement instructed undocumented students and faculty to take advantage of UC Berkeley’s “Undocumented Student Program,” which has previously instructed students to “FIGHT BACK!” against ICE officers.

If you are a student, then the Undocumented Student Program staff is available to support you and direct you to resources if you are or may be subject to an immigration order or inquiry on or off campus. Unless required to do so by law, Undocumented Student Program staff are prohibited from discussing your personal information, including immigration status, or revealing that personal information to anyone outside of the campus.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is permitted to enter public campuses for non-enforcement activities. ICE has not historically raided college campuses for immigration enforcement purposes. However, various media reports claim that ICE is planning to detain illegal aliens in various places around the country. At the end of June, President Trump delayed the ICE raids for two weeks.

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