University of Illinois Posts ‘Toolkit’ to Fight ICE Deportations

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The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign’s Gender and Women’s Studies department shared a “toolkit” last week for illegal immigrant students and those who want to fight back against ICE deportations.

The Gender and Women’s Studies department at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, is providing students with activist material that will help them fight deportations. The toolkit is specifically designed to protect illegal aliens from ICE raids.–QxCpCpj-EXIXrKHTVgIffQ1EcsvtejVh0Y_NQwQWma4kqojt30Y5ABJnywuXb72RJYcZfFoAZKL2PhgmYtc8NXt1PZdaZ1s_rxj9Y8_Lhnj6Wufn8idXCY3fZrLUDSFnqEFPvPk4p27rsWjl-y0VuUzU-4F2MihJkdVtAUQYxIDRxp3Aa6LoV2nzZUx-JRKvM6rlbnHzIWU05Z2bI2oIqQ1J6uN6wrEHXq9fAuzWQtXItmIs_tjtXAQf40pCuYuOCSeV_sQfgFTqqPxt0x7syiJwgmC2L6NvUl-_-mFYtSzGojUCioeeeibLJ9xWLXz80GgVMFUGBeF0bt_Loc-ghnX9nU-L941&__tn__=-R

The post, which was highlighted this week by Campus Reform, links directly to the Immigrant Defense Project, an activist group that seeks to end deportation in America.

The “toolkit” itself argues that President Trump has campaigned extensively on a “hate-based” agenda that targets minorities.

Shortly after winning the presidential election, Donald Trump reiterated his plans to rapidly deport “2 to 3 million” people. This was not surprising given that Trump had campaigned extensively on a sensationalist anti-immigrant platform. Among the main targets of the Trump administration’s hate-based agenda are individuals he describes as “criminal and [those that] have criminal records.”

For social justice advocates everywhere, the first two years of this administration have presented relentless challenges. But in order to fully address the challenges we face, we need to take stock of the conditions that make our current moment possible. Today’s attacks on immigrants are the result of an ongoing cycle of expulsion, exclusion, and criminalization of those deemed “unworthy” of belonging. Since the founding of this country, the aggressive policing of immigrants — particularly from the Global South — has been a defining feature of U.S. immigration policy and practice.

The Facebook page for the Gender and Women’s Studies department doesn’t shy away from partisanship. On Monday, they posted an image that interchangeably called President Trump both a “racist” and a “rapist.”

Posted by Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign on Monday, July 15, 2019

Other posts from the department include support for abortion rights, the patriarchy, and the gender pay gap.

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