Study: College Students Spend $10 Billion a Year on Mandatory Social Justice Courses

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A new study claims that social justice general education at American universities costs students and their parents approximately $10 billion every year. The study was conducted to show the grip that the social justice ideology has on academia.

According to a report by The College Fix, a new study by David Randall of the National Association of Scholars suggests that America spends billions on social justice college courses.

Randall’s study examines the costs of mandated social justice courses at institutions around the country. At many universities and colleges around the country, students are required to enroll in courses that push progressive agendas. Some schools even have an explicit social justice requirement for students that can be filled by taking courses that promote progressive politics.

Randall claims that these courses cost Americans approximately $10 billion each year. Randall came up with this figure by adding up the tuition cost of all mandatory “social justice” courses at all institutions around the country.

“That was trying to be unbelievably conservative,” Randall said in an interview. “We make no attempt to talk about how much it costs to pay for each dean of community engagement, each advocate for sustainability. Our next report on administrative growth will cover that. But the true figure must be much, much higher. That was trying to give an absolute bargain basement estimate.”

Randall went on to say that universities manipulate students into embracing social justice courses by advertising them as “all-American niceness.”

“University presidents sell social justice to the public as all-American niceness,” Randall added. “The Federal Trade Commission ought to book them for false advertising…Social justice in America in 2019 means the radical, secular theory that ordinary American life is so oppressive that we must dedicate ourselves to liberating others from that oppression.”

Breitbart News reported in June that American colleges added 500,000 administrator positions between 1987 and 2012. Many of these administrators work in “diversity” offices which are designed specifically to promote “social justice” values on campus.

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