Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann Graduates High School, Prepares for College

Covington (ka_ya11 / Instagram)

Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann took to social media on Friday to announce that after being told he would never get into a university, he will be going to college on a scholarship this fall following his high school graduation.

“Very excited to say I will be graduating!” tweeted Sandmann. “After being told I would never get into college and my life was done, I’ll be going to an amazing school on a scholarship!”

“Don’t back down and keep winning!” he added.

In January 2019, Sandmann — along with his classmates — were targeted by the mainstream media, celebrities, politicians, individual journalists, and more after a video clip went viral on social media.

The Covington Catholic High School students were falsely accused of harassing Native American man Nathan Phillips over the video, which showed Sandmann smiling in a red MAGA hat while he and his classmates were being harassed by Black Hebrew Israelites, as well as Phillips, who confronted Sandmann while banging on a drum.

The students were standing at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. during their school’s trip to the annual March for Life rally.

The bizarre and false narrative — spread by much of the mainstream media — went on to become multi-pronged, spurring a series of additional hoaxes as the left appeared desperate to find somethinganything,to peg the Catholic students as racists.

Sandmann’s legal team went on to prepare lawsuits against a laundry list of individuals and media companies deemed responsible for the abuse.

Earlier this year, CNN agreed to settle a $275 million lawsuit brought by Sandmann.

“Courage, persistence, and purpose are 3 crucial ingredients for success. Mixed with unwavering faith makes you a winner,” tweeted Sandmann’s attorney, L. Lin Wood. “Congratulations, Nicholas! [Todd McMurtry] and I are privileged to represent you.”

The Covington Catholic student also appeared to graduate high school with honors, as Honor Cords can be seen in his photo.

While Sandmann has not yet announced where he will be attending college this fall, the student’s Twitter bio mentions “TU ’24,” indicating he plans to attend Tulane University.

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