Colorado State Offers $1,500 Coronavirus Aid Checks to Illegal Alien Students

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Colorado State has offered $1,500 Chinese virus aid checks to hundreds of illegal alien students that are currently enrolled at the university. The university claims that it elected to help its illegal student population during the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus pandemic because they are not eligible for federal aid.

According to a report by the College Fix, Colorado State University is giving out $1,500 coronavirus aid checks to hundreds of undocumented students. The university created an aid program for illegal students in May after realizing that they would not be eligible for relief under the CARES Act, a coronavirus aid program passed by Congress in March.

Colorado State University spokesman Mike Hooker said that the $1,500 checks were awarded based on individual student needs. The recipients included both illegal alien and international students.

“These populations include our international and undocumented students, as well as students who, for a variety of reasons, no longer qualify for federal student aid,” Hooker said in an email. “As part of that overall support, the university has provided varying levels of aid outside of CARES funds to about 400 such students, including 218 undocumented Coloradans who qualify for in-state tuition via the ASSET bill who each received $1,500. The university awarded those grants in the same manner that we awarded CARES Act funding, based on an assessment of student need.”

Colorado State University is not the only institution in Colorado that is raising money for illegal alien students. The Metropolitan State University of Denver is raising $300,000 to benefit its “Dreamer” student population. Illegal students will receive $80,000 in total grants from the university at the conclusion of the fundraising campaign.

Breitbart News reported in May 2019 that the University of Minnesota was offering a scholarship specifically for illegal alien students. The scholarship program runs parallel to the state government’s Minnesota Dream Act, which was designed to help undocumented students get into college.

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