Woke Scientists Demand ‘Bigoted’ Bug Names Are Changed

Slavemaker Ants
Carrie Cizauskas/Flickr

Scientists have compiled a list of “problematic” bugs and other animals that they believe should be changed to promote social justice. The “slavemaker ant,” “rape bug,” and “large faggot worm,” are just a few of the insects that are featured on the list.

According to a report by the College Fix, scientists have launched an effort to change the name of 60 organisms with names they describe as “bigoted” and otherwise politically incorrect.

The list includes insects like the “slavemaker ant,” the “rape bug,” the “oriental rat flea,” and the “large faggot worm.” The latter of which is named for its tendency to decorate its cocoon with small twigs.

The “Immigrant Acacia Weevil,” a pest bug that is sometimes a target of bug exterminators, was also included on the list. The scientists behind the list note that they are “not really comfortable exterminating something with the word ‘immigrant’ in the name.”

“There is no room for racism in science,” University of Arizona researcher Earyn McGee said during an interview with the College Fix.

“If you must acknowledge them, you can say something like ‘X person discovered X thing however it is important to note they also did this bigoted thing and that type of behavior is unacceptable for scientists,'” McGee said.

McGee argued that current students should question the culture that permitted racist scientists to rise to prominence. “They should ask themselves how did those people get into a position to make those contributions in the first place. Whose contributions have been historically ignored to allow this to happen? What oppressive structures allow this?” McGee added.

Breitbart News reported in July that real estate agents in the United Kingdom had banned the use of the term “master bedroom” from real estate listings over concerns that it had racist connotations.

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