Wright State Professor Claims University Refuses to Approve Anti-Marxism Economics Class

Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images
Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images

Professor Evan Osbourne of Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, claims that his university has repeatedly rejected his proposal to teach a course that offers criticism of the philosophy of Karl Marx. Osbourne designed the class in response to several courses offered by his peers in the university’s economics department that promote Marxist teachings. According to Osborne, many of his peers continue to teach students that Marxism is a “triumph of human thought.”

According to a report by the College Fix, Wright State University Economics Professor Evan Osbourne claims that his peers have rejected his proposal to teach a course on the flaws found within Marxist philosophy. Osbourne claims that this is not the first time that the proposed course has been rejected by his superiors and colleagues.

The course was designed to act as a counterweight to professors at Wright State who frequently promote Marxism in their classes. The problem “is that we have an angry, radical-left cohort in the department, they praise Marxism in the classroom, they will not let me teach critically about it, and numerous people in the university have refused to do anything about it,” Osbourne said.

Osbourne claims that he does not want to entirely revamp the economics department at Wright State, which he says is dominated by leftist faculty. However, he argues that he should be given the academic freedom to offer a differing perspective to students.

“That my department is full of extremists who probably don’t belong in a business-college economics department, to be sure, is a manifestation of academic freedom,” Osborne wrote in an email. “And I do not want to change how economics is taught at WSU, broadly speaking. I just want my academic freedom to offer a different view to also be respected.”

Osborne claims that American universities and colleges have been overwhelmed by leftist dogma. Many of his peers continue to teach students that Marxism is a “triumph of human thought.”

“Institutions of higher learning are now almost all in crisis. The indulgence of unapologetic leftist censorship, at Wright State as elsewhere, is now impossible to justify,” Osborne finished. “If faculty want to preach that Marxism is a triumph of human thought, so be it. If other faculty want to argue that actually it was a disaster, and a crime against humanity, this view should no longer be fanatically censored.”

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