Mark Zuckerberg to Facebook Workers: ‘Joe Biden Is Going to Be Our Next President’

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook creepy smile

During a recent staff meeting, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told his employees that Joe Biden “is going to be our next president.”

BuzzFeed News reports that during a recent meeting with Facebook employees, CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated: “I believe the outcome of the election is now clear and Joe Biden is going to be our next president.” He added: “It’s important that people have confidence that the election was fundamentally fair, and that goes for the tens of millions of people that voted for Trump.”

The comments from Zuckerberg came during an all-hands call with employees where he was asked how he planned to work with the new administration despite concerns that Biden and his staff “dislike you and Facebook.” Zuckerberg downplayed the Biden team’s dislike of the company stating that they “worry about the same issues,” including Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects platforms from liability for what users post on them. “We will find ways to hopefully work together,” Zuckerberg said.

Zuckerberg commented on the many Facebook users that are skeptical of current election results, stating: “Part of what we’re seeing out there are people who are calling for recounts and legal challenges, which, in a lot of cases, is their right and something you see in a lot of elections. But I think it’s also quite unhelpful that people out there are raising expectations that there is going to be a different outcome than from what was projected.”

Zuckerberg also criticized President Trump for his recent skepticism of election results stating: “I think it, of course, is a challenge when the president of the United States is sharing some of these things directly.”

Breitbart News recently reported that in just 24 hours, President Trump saw his posts labeled or censored 20 times on Facebook and five times on Twitter, nearly all of the labels questioned the President’s comments relating to the U.S. Presidential election and many stated that Joe Biden was the projected winner of the presidency.

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