UW-Madison Paid Black Diversity Event Keynote Speaker Less Than ‘White Fragility’ Author Robin DiAngelo

Robin DiAngelo author of White Fragility
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The University of Wisconsin-Madison paid White Fragility author Robin DiAngelo nearly $13,000 for a recent keynote speech at a recent “diversity” event that was hosted by the university. However, a second keynote speaker, black author Austin Channing Brown, was paid far less than DiAngelo.

According to a report, the University of Wisconsin, Madison, has come under fire this week over the pay disparity between two recent keynote speakers. Robin DiAngelo, the author of the best-selling White Fragility, was paid substantially more than the second keynote speaker, black female author Austin Channing Brown. DiAngelo was paid nearly $13,000 for speaking at the event, while Channing received just $7,500. The disparity was brought to light by the Washington Free Beacon.

Now, the university is facing criticism over its failure to live up to its own standards on “diversity and inclusion.” Critics allege that the university’s willingness to pay DiAngelo, a white author, more to speak on race than a black author violates the principles espoused by both the university in its diversity principles and DiAngelo in her popular book.

DiAngelo argues in her book that white people are “fragile” when responding to “racial stress.” DiAngelo claims that “white fragility” is most evident when white people are tasked with acknowledging their own privilege or the burdens faced by minorities.

Ethelene Whitmire, chair of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Department of Afro-American Studies, refused to comment on the pay disparity when questioned by the College Fix.

“The department has not discussed this topic,” Whitmire said.

Breitbart News reported in July 2018 that Google hosted Robin DiAngelo for a conversation about “White Fragility.” DiAngelo argued during the speech that all white people “collude” to oppress minorities.

“I can describe our culture as white supremacist and say things like, “All white people are invested in and collude with the system of racism,” without my fellow white people running from the room,” DiAngelo said during her lecture at Google, according to one employee.

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