Chinese-Owned TikTok to Ban Videos of President Trump Based on ‘Misinformation’ Policy


The Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok has announced that it will be removing videos by President Trump it judges to “incite” protestors following recent events at Capitol Hill. The Chinese company reportedly believes Trump violates its “misinformation” policy.

TechCrunch reports that the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok plans to remove certain content uploaded by President Donald Trump that it believes could incite riots or protests, including a video posted to the President’s Twitter account which resulted in him being suspended from the platform temporarily.

While the President does not have a TikTok account as he does on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube, all of which have banned or suspended him in some form, the Chinese platform is limiting the reach of videos of the President.

TikTok’s misinformation content policy will now block posts of the video that President Trump initially posted to Twitter as they include claims of election fraud.

In the video, the President stated:

I know your pain. I know your hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election and everyone knows it, especially the other side. But you have to go home now.

We have to have peace. We have to have law and order. We have to respect our great people in law and order. We don’t want anybody hurt.

It’s a very tough period of time. There’s never been a time like this, where such a thing happened, where they could take it away from all of us; from me, from you, from our country. This was a fraudulent election.

But we can’t play into the hands of these people. We have to have peace. So go home. We love you, you’re very special, you’ve seen what happens, you see the way others are treated who are so bad and so evil. I know how you feel. But go home, and go home in peace.

Videos from news organizations reporting on the incident will, however, be allowed while hashtags used by protestors are being redirected to reduce discoverability. A TikTok spokesperson said in a statement:

Hateful behavior and violence have no place on TikTok. Content or accounts that seek to incite, glorify, or promote violence violate our Community Guidelines and will be removed.

Breitbart News will continue to report on TikTok and censorship.

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