Turning Point USA Launches Brick-and-Mortar School in Arizona with Enrollment of 600 K-12 Students

Charlie Kirk speaking with attendees at the 2018 Young Women's Leadership Summit hosted by Turning Point USA at the Hyatt Regency DFW Hotel in Dallas, Texas.
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Conservative student organization Turning Point USA (TPUSA) is launching Turning Point Academy, a traditional brick-and-mortar school in collaboration with Dream City Christian, enrolling over 600 K-12 students in the Phoenix, Arizona, area this fall, the organization announced this week.

TPUSA described the school as “the first in a growing network of schools that will launch across the country in the coming years,” that will be focused on “raising a generation of well-educated, courageous, patriotic, and principled leaders ready to impact their communities, their country, and the culture at large.”


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The school will offer a best-in-class curriculum, competitive team sports, and access to extracurricular learning opportunities throughout the school year, the organization said.

TPUSA added that Turning Point Academy promises to adhere to the following principles:

To never waver from the truth and to teach self-government and liberty to students.

CRT, postmodernism, “Wokeism,” deconstructionism, queer theory, radical LGBT agendas, and anti-American ideas such as the 1619 project will have no place at our institution.

Rejecting grade inflation and the erasure of advanced placement and honors studies, we believe students must work hard through challenging environments to develop a strong character and the necessary tools to succeed.

We believe in God’s promise that all are created equal. No one will be treated preferably or differently based on the color of their skin or any other immutable characteristics. We believe that character is what defines a human.

We will raise a generation of courageous leaders. We believe that the next generation must understand how to be bold and brave enough to protect the weak, to preserve the good, and to forge the future.

We will inspire gratitude in a generation that is so often unthankful to live in our country. We will teach our students to be proud citizens and compelled toward action. We will teach honest history that elevates our heroes and speaks openly about our failures.

“Dream City Christian is an amazing collaborator in this project and we’re so grateful to do this together,” TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk said. “They already have an amazing start, including a physical school, a faculty, and much of the groundwork laid.”

“Turning Point Academy, for our part, is uniquely positioned to take the school to the next level,” Kirk added. “Having been in the educational world for 10 years, we have access to some of the best educational resources, teachers, academics, and curriculums this country has to offer.”

Kirk’s organization, Turning Point USA, celebrated its 10th birthday on Sunday.

“There are so many parents, students, and even educators who have come to me throughout the years, but especially recently, asking us to start Turning Point Academy,” Kirk added in his press release announcing the academy.

“The need is overwhelming, and we’re going to work around the clock to make sure there are schools that can meet this moment with excellence and the requisite, timeless values that will make America the shining city on a hill for a whole new generation,” Kirk added.

The launch of Turning Point Academy arrives at an opportune moment, as parents across the country are becoming increasingly concerned with what is transpiring in the world of academia.

One academic movement widely condemned by parents includes Critical Race Theory, which teaches children that the United States is fundamentally racist, and that they must view every social interaction and person in terms of race or color in order to be “antiracist.”

Meanwhile, schools are also looking into broadening their sex education guidelines to include material involving gender identity and transgenderism.

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