Woke Google to Pay $118 Million to Settle ‘Gender Discrimination’ Lawsuit

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A class action lawsuit brought against Google by over 15,000 current and former female employees of the company has been settled. Google must now pay $118 million to the 15,500 plaintiffs including current and former female employees.

Despite its reputation as one of the most ultra-woke companies in the world, a company that even fired a highly performing engineer, James Damore, for suggesting that well-documented biological differences might be part of the reason why more women don’t end up in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields, the wokeness was not enough to satisfy American civil rights law.

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BERLIN, GERMANY - JANUARY 22: Philipp Justus (L), Vice President Google Central Europe, Sundar Pichai (C), CEO of Google and Senior Director Public Policy and Government Relations Annette Kroeber-Riel (R) pose for the media before the festive opening of the Berlin representation of Google Germany on January 22, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. The official opening will take place tonight with Berlin Mayor Michael Muller. (Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images)

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Via the Daily Mail:

Google’s parent company Alphabet will pay $118 million to 15,500 current and former female employees in order to settle a class action lawsuit that has been in the works for five years.

The plaintiffs in the case account for a broad range of roles within the company, including managers, engineers, sales representatives and at least one pre school teacher.

They accused Google of putting overqualified women in roles that were paid less, denying promotions to women and generally paying female employees on average close to $17,000 less than men.

In addition to the hundred-million dollar bill, Google will also be subjected to external review. The court has required Google to appoint third parties to analyze its HR practices and “pay equity” for the next three years, according to the Mail. 

Google has a documented track record of bending over backwards to accommodate women and minorities, including a workplace culture that seemingly tolerates harassment against employees who express the mildest dissent against forced diversity policies, and rampant hatred of males and white people, complete with handouts to managers warning them not to cater to “white dominant culture.”

American courts have yet to take Google or any other company to task for the blatant racism and sexism spreading across corporate boardrooms, where lectures on “white fragility” are now commonplace.

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