Tim Cook Knows if You’re Naughty or Nice: Apple Wants to Use AI to Track Your Emotions

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Apple is venturing further into the health and wellness sector with the development of an AI-powered health coaching service, codenamed Quartz, and the expansion of its health app to include new features aimed at tracking emotions. Tim Cook’s creepy vision of the future includes your iPhone determining your mood based on analyzing your speech, typed words, and other data from their devices.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is expanding its venture into the health and wellness market with the creation of Quartz, a health coaching service powered by artificial intelligence, and the addition of new features to its health app aimed at tracking emotions and mood.

The Quartz project aims to keep users inspired to work out, improve their eating routines, and sleep better. The AI-powered service will use data from the Apple Watch to create customized coaching programs suited to each user, according to sources familiar with the project. “The idea is to use AI and data from an Apple Watch to make suggestions and create coaching programs tailored to specific users,” said the insiders, who requested anonymity as the initiatives have not been officially announced.

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Given that health features have taken center stage in the company’s products, particularly the Apple Watch, this move is a part of a larger health push by Apple. Along with Quartz, Apple also intends to release an iPad version of the iPhone health app, enabling users to view health information, like electrocardiogram results, in a more convenient format. The app’s popularity is anticipated to increase as a result of this expansion in healthcare settings, where tablets have already made headway.

The health app will soon include the tools for tracking emotions and feelings. Users of the emotion tracker’s initial iteration will be able to record their mood, respond to day-related questions, and track results over time. In the long run, Apple wants the iPhone to be able to detect a user’s mood by analyzing speech, typed words, and other data from their devices.

It is expected that the new iPad app and the devices for managing emotion and vision will be unveiled at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June. The Quartz coaching service, which would be a more significant step, is not expected to be unveiled this year, according to people with knowledge of the situation.

In a less creepy application of tech to healthcare, Breitbart News previously reported that Apple is working on a revolutionary no-prick blood glucose monitor to combat diabetes.

Bloomberg reports that tech giant Apple is working on a new project — a noninvasive glucose monitoring system similar to its Apple Watch. The project has reportedly been under development since Steve Jobs’ time at the company, and aims to develop a noninvasive, continuous blood glucose monitoring system that can measure blood glucose levels in diabetics without the need for a skin prick.

Many startups and established businesses have concentrated on creating noninvasive glucose monitoring systems. Google first revealed plans in 2014 to create smart contact lenses that could detect blood sugar levels through tears, but the challenging project was shelved in 2018. Diabetes is a significant public health issue that affects roughly one in 10 Americans, making the market for glucose monitoring devices worth billions of dollars. Apple could solidify its position as a dominant force in the healthcare sector by developing a noninvasive, continuous glucose monitoring system that would be revolutionary for diabetics.


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