Conservative Web Browser Tusk Unveils ‘GIPPR’ AI Chatbot

Ronald Reagan
Michael Evans/The White House/Getty Images

Tusk, a web browser created as a non-woke alternative to pro-censorship browsers from Google and DuckDuckGo, has released a modified AI chatbot technology that promotes conservative values and free-speech advocacy.

The Tusk chatbot, named GIPPR AI (a nod to President Ronald Reagan’s nickname “The Gipper”), is being marketed as a truthful alternative to current chatbot offerings like Microsoft-backed ChatGPT, which is marred by stories of political bias and political correctness.

While there are many anti-woke alternatives to the big social media platforms, including Gab, TRUTH Social, Minds, and Elon Musk’s Twitter, alternative search engines are few and far between.

Microsoft’s Bing, touted as a challenger to Google given its market-leading position in generative AI, is owned by a company that partnered with woke, pro-censorship initiatives like NewsGuard and the Global Disinformation Index.

DuckDuckGo, which marketed itself as the non-evil alternative to Google, is little better, boasting about its downranking of “disinformation” in search results instead of leaving filtering up to users.

“We believe that Conservatives are subject to oppressive cancel culture that now includes AI and are expected to exist in a society that tells them what to think and how to act by the progressive left,” said TUSK CEO Jeff Bermant.

“It’s time for a TRUTHFUL AI chatbot to take the market by storm and remove the barriers the Radical Left and Big Tech have put in place to allow all Conservatives to enjoy the benefits of AI, without fear of being cancelled or shamed for your beliefs.”

“We believe that free speech is a fundamental right for everyone and essential to a healthy democracy,” said Bermant, “By launching GIPPRAI and other conservative tools, we hope to provide users with a safe space to express their views and challenge the liberal status quo with fact-based arguments. Don’t believe us? Try the GIPPR and witness the power of a censorship free chatbot!”

The TUSK Browser app is available on both Android and iOS mobile devices as well as Mac and Windows desktop devices.

Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News. He is the author of #DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal The Election.


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