‘Bloody Dangerous:’ Jeremy Clarkson Blasts Electric Cars over Safety Concerns

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In a recent critique, television star and car enthusiast Jeremy Clarkson has voiced serious concerns about the safety of electric vehicles, calling them “bloody dangerous.” His concern goes beyond cars to other devices powered by batteries, like electric bikes. Clarkson writes, “People have died, and that’s not surprising when you learn that a fully charged e-bike contains the same explosive energy as six hand grenades.”

In a recent critique of electric vehicles published in the Sun newspaper, Jeremy Clarkson, known for his forthright opinions on automotive matters, has cited numerous incidents of electric cars and bikes catching fire, including fires on ships carrying electric vehicles. He raises questions about the safety standards of these vehicles and the potential risks they pose to the public.

Pennsylvania Tesla fire

Pennsylvania Tesla fire (Columbia Volunteer Fire Company of Osceola Mills)

Connecticut Tesla still burning (Stamford Fire Department)

“Electric cars are also bloody dangerous,” Clarkson states. “In total, there have been ten major fires on ships carrying electric cars in the past 20 years. And it’s not like salt water is to blame. Because in the last five years, the emergency services have been called out to 753 electric vehicle fires in the UK alone.”

The television presenter also highlighted the potential dangers of electric bikes, stating that they have caused hundreds of catastrophic house fires. He drew attention to the explosive energy contained in a fully charged e-bike, comparing it to the power of multiple hand grenades.

“People have died, and that’s not surprising when you learn that a fully charged e-bike contains the same explosive energy as six hand grenades,” he said.

Clarkson also pointed out the difficulty in extinguishing fires in electric vehicles, citing an incident where an electric car burned for days due to a phenomenon known as “thermal runaway” in the battery pack.

“The electrical car that Richard Hammond rolled down a hill while filming for the Grand Tour burned for days. And then, after the fire had died down, something in the battery pack called ‘thermal runaway’ caused it to rear back up again. And this went on for weeks,” Clarkson explained.

He further warned of the potential for a major disaster, such as a fire on a ferry or in an underground car park, caused by an electric vehicle.

“The fact is this. It’s only a matter of time before an electric car bursts into flames on a cross-Channel ferry or in the Chunnel. Or in an underground car park,” he warned.

While electric vehicles are often touted as a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional petrol and diesel cars, Clarkson’s comments highlight the need for ongoing scrutiny of their safety standards.

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