Exclusive—China’s TikTok Rejects Ads for Peter Schweizer’s Book ‘Blood Money’

Budrul Chukrut/Getty Images; GAI; BNN

The Chinese-owned social media company TikTok has denied advertisements for Peter Schweizer’s new book Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans, deeming the ad too “political.”

“We regret to inform you the content was rejected for the following reason(s),” a message from China’s TikTok read. “This ad has been rejected because the ad creative or landing page may feature or promote political content.”

“This could include political party references or election references,” The Chinese app added. “Please modify or remove the related content.”

The ad denied by TikTok is not related to political parties or the election — it is a product ad for a non-fiction book.

Watch the ad on YouTube:

In an exclusive statement to Breitbart News, Schweizer said, “TikTok, the Chinese social media app with deep ties to the CCP, has rejected an ad promoting my new book, Blood Money, for being ‘political.’ The rejected material is pointedly non-partisan and clearly does not violate TikTok’s stated policy against ‘political party references or election references.'”

“As it happens, my book details how the Communist Chinese Party has weaponized technology to target American children, turning them against their own nation’s values and history,” Schweizer added. “The irony here is rich — though not surprising.”

Schweizer’s Blood Money jumped to #1 on Amazon’s Best Sellers list on Monday, one day before its  release. The book is the result of a two-year investigation by Schweizer, the president of the Government Accountability Institute and a senior contributor to Breitbart News, as well as his team of forensic investigators.

In the book, they traced hundreds of billions of dollars in suspect money linked to China’s undeclared war on the United States, sifting through “restricted” Chinese military documents and a “mountain of American financial records.”

As Breitbart News reported, TikTok, which is widely considered to be a Chinese surveillance and psyops weapon thinly veiled as a social media platform, is known for being a danger to kids and teens, meddling in U.S. elections, as well as being considered a national security threat.

Moreover, the Chinese app’s parent company, ByteDance, which is beholden to the hostile foreign country, has already been caught snooping on U.S. journalists, with a former ByteDance executive saying the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had “supreme access” to all data held by the Chinese tech company, including on servers in the United States.

This is not the first time TikTok has denied an advertisement, claiming it is too political.

In December, the Chinese app rejected an ad promoting awareness of the plight of Israeli hostages held by Hamas, saying it was “too political.”

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