Dallas Police Attacker’s Father Plays Reverse Racism Victimization Card


Jim Boulware, the emotionally distraught father of would-be Dallas Police killer James Boulware, gave CNN’s Sara Sidner a unique twist on the all-too-familiar litany of victimization excuses that are often made in the aftermath of criminal behavior, asking the reporter during his interview: “Where can a white man go for help?”

The excuse is novel only because it’s not often applied to white, male criminals. Other than that switch, however, it’s just another in a long line of justifications for criminal acts that let adults avoid personal responsibility for deliberate bad acts.

The victim-card play is hardly surprising in a world where the Obama administration blames the rise of ISIS on unemployment, or where the #BlackLivesMatter mob turns the assault of police officers by thugs like Michael Brown into a national myth of “hands up, don’t shoot.”

The cold hard facts of James Boulware’s life and crimes show that his problems weren’t due to his gender or race, but rather to the downward spiral of his poor impulse control and years of very bad conscious decisions.

James Boulware was killed by police snipers after launching a one-man terror assault on Dallas Police early Saturday. During his onslaught, Boulware rammed a police vehicle in an armored van he’d just bought, planted several pipe bombs around Police HQ, engaged in a gun battle on public streets, and led the police on a high speed chase.

In short, James Boulware is no victim.

Boulware was a dangerous maniac, and if he’d accomplished what’d he tried to do, he would have killed as many police officers as possible.

Boulware launched the attack against police because he felt they were out to get him, and he blamed them for the recent custody decision that sent his son to live with his mother.

Every terrorist thug like Boulware has an excuse but that doesn’t make them valid. As Breitbart Texas reported, James Boulware was charged in 2013 after choking his mother and another family member during an argument. Boulware also threatened to kill family members, and said he planned to attack churches and schools because they were “soft targets.”

Boulware is said to have had mental problems, but he had the mental capacity to plan and execute a multifaceted attack on the Dallas police. He bought equipment, made pipe bombs, secured weapons and ammo, and then carried out the attack.

In the CNN interview, the elder Boulware seems to have helped enable his son’s feelings of victimization. Rather than telling his son that his own past violent actions and threats of mass violence were the source of his problems, Jim Boulware argued with his son that the problem wasn’t the police but “liberal people” who made the laws.

Claiming his son was pushed past “the breaking point,” the older Boulware even blames his son’s complaints about being broke as an explanation for attempting to murder innocent cops.

This claim that James Boulware had no money ignores the fact that he seems to have had the money to buy the “Zombie Apocalypse” armored vehicle that he used in assaults.

Obviously, Boulware’s problems were not the fault of the laws, or the police, or his race, or his financial position, but were of his own making. There are plenty of people who lose custody fights, get laid off, or encounter difficult financial times, and they don’t try and kill the police.

Despite all the issues that James Boulware was known by his father Jim to have, Jim ignored the final, clear warning sign on Friday when his son showed up with a armored vehicle that he’s just purchased, which came equipped with holes in the side designed to fire weapons out of.

If there’s a ‘teachable moment’ here, it’s simple common sense: when your supposedly broke son with known mental issues and a violent history shows up with a combat vehicle sporting gun ports on the side, take it as a warning sign. Call the police.

If Jim Boulware had contacted the authorities and reported what he knew, rather than coddle his son with more excuses, his son might be alive today.

Criminals like James Boulware shouldn’t get a pass based on their race, gender, or other irrelevant factors. If the years since the Oklahoma City bombing, Columbine and 9/11 have taught us anything, it’s that feeding irrational feelings of victimization creates real victims.