Texas Woman Shot in Mexico After Dentist Appointment

Laredo PD
Photo: Breitbart Texas/Ildefonso Ortiz

A Texas woman was shot in Mexico after leaving her dentist appointment. An unknown gunman walked up to a woman from San Antonio and shot her in the head. The woman had just walked out of a dentist’s office in the border city of Nuevo Laredo.

The shooting took place Saturday evening outside of a dentist’s office as the 36-year-old woman was about to return to Laredo, Texas, The Laredo Morning Times reported.

The woman and her niece traveled in an SUV when the man came up to her and shot her. The bullet exited through the jaw area and missed major organs. The woman was rushed by ambulance to an international bridge in Nuevo Laredo, where she was turned over to the Laredo fire department and taken to a local hospital.

Along border cities, U.S. citizens often cross into Mexico, where medical care and prescriptions cost less. Nuevo Laredo remains one of the strongholds for the ruthless Mexican cartel known as Los Zetas.

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