The New Democrat Superhero: Weinerman!

Here’s the latest in kids’ superhero costumes for Halloween: Weinerman! Belt accessories include a cell phone with optional prophylactic cover for safe sexting.


Last week began disastrously for Weiner with the Breitbart disclosures and groveling apology on Monday, yet appeared to have ended on a positive note just in time for the Sunday talk shows. Starting Thursday night, Chris Matthews labeled Weiner critics “backwards Christian conservatives”, and then on Friday came the Make-Believe Media’s PR blitz of no fewer than three upbeat articles affirming that Weiner’s constituents supported him, that history supported him, and that Democrat leadership supported him.

But then the story broke of an underage Weiner correspondent – a 17 year old girl. Oh my, what a difference a year makes. And what an embarrassment to CNN’s sanctimonious scolding of Andrew Breitbart for earlier suggesting such a possibility. The underage girl, who referred to Weiner as “my true love”in a message, was told by Weiner “I came back strong. Large. Tights and cape.” This superhero imagery surfaced in an email with yet another woman who asked Weiner if he was “busy saving my country from this f****** tea baggers”, to which he replied, “Yep. Cape. Tights. Looking for my sidekick.” He apparently even has his very own fortress of solitude: the congressional gym complete with requisite mirrors for self-portrait snapshots.

Thus was born Weinerman, the liberal superhero in tights and cape battling villainous “teabaggers” in his neverending fight against truth, justice and the American Way.

But alas, kryptonite appeared in the form of a 17 year old. And even sidekick Charlie Rangel could not save Weinerman by announcing a new standard of behavior for Democrat politicians, “He wasn’t going out with little boys.” Holy scandal, Weinerman!

But enough being enough, Democrat minority leader Nancy Pelosi and DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz reversed themselves and now call for his resignation. And in one last-ditch effort to hold onto his Congressional seat, Weiner has announced a leave of absence to seek sex counseling. Shrinking the Weiner, no doubt at taxpayer expense, may be his last desperate grab at holding onto power and saving his Congressional seat.

So, could this be the end for Weinerman? Stay tuned …


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