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Another Partisan Reporter For Occupy Wall Street


There’s a reason why people put in their Twitter profile, “Tweets are my own & don’t reflect those of my employer.” Will Bunch is a news reporter, blogger, and editor for The Philadelphia Daily News and a “senior fellow” at Media Matters For America.

Mr. Bunch was assigned to cover the Occupy Wall Street and had no problem being bias and airing out his support and towards the protestors. His post at Daily News is saturated with sympathy and love for those oppressed victims of Wall Street. Instead of being an objective reporter he pulls at our heart strings for these people, especially for Joanne Stocker.

Pale and drained with the flu after a couple of nights in a rain-soaked sleeping bag under the stars and the skyscrapers framing Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan, the Chester County native – on Twitter as @SabzBrach – has become a leading Internet voice of the Occupy Wall Street protest.

Thankfully Mr. Bunch provides us with the “facts” of Occupy Wall Street because I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t know the “facts.”

Here are the “facts” about Occupy Wall Street: 1) It started this summer with a vague suggestion in a Canadian left-wing magazine called AdBusters, was endorsed by the shadowy band of hackers named Anonymous and gained steam on Twitter and Facebook, despite a lack of leadership 2) it consists of a couple hundred permanent occupants, swelled by day trippers to as many as 2,000 or more on weekends, and 3) attention and support has soared because of heavy-handed tactics by the New York Police Department, including the videotaped pepper-spraying of women already in custody and 700 arrests Saturday on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Um, what? Oh! These “facts” don’t matter because this is the greatest American “be-in” since Woodstock. Oh give me a break Mr. Bunch. Don’t you dare compare this to Woodstock, especially with these descriptions:

In Zuccotti Park, grey-bearded Jerry Garcia look-alikes flash acoustic guitars just like switchblades, serenading 20-something with punk crimson hair while the rhythms of a non-stop drumline wash over a large yoga circle in the corner of the park.


He reminds us of the political demands come later. The big difference between Occupy Wall Street and Woodstock is those at Woodstock knew WHY they were there. The people at Woodstock also didn’t act stupidly like dressing up like zombies splashed with mock blood. The people at Woodstock were about PEACE which is something those at Occupy Wall Street know nothing about. I don’t remember those at Woodstock being violent.

None of this is a surprise, though, because The Philadelphia Daily News’s main editor, Larry Platt, encourages opinions in articles. Mr. Platt wants fairness, but also wants the reporters to not be scared to inject their opinions. How can you stay fair while putting in your opinions? Shouldn’t opinions stay in the Op-Ed section?

In other words, this article provides us with no relevant information on the Occupy Wall Street protest. It was just a way for a progressive reporter to speak his praise and love for the protesters and disdain for Wall Street and rich people (I wonder if he knows George Soros is a BILLIONAIRE). Maybe Mr. Bunch will get a show at MSNBC.


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