Watch CNN's Suzanne Malveaux Go Groupie Over Anita Hill

“Still looking to make a difference.” — CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux introducing Anita Hill … because making a difference trumps everything, including truth and decency.

See if you can figure out which part of this gushing interview is the most troubling…


In the wake of Fannie, Freddie, a housing collapse and a financial crisis that was in large part brought on by toxic mortgages given to those who couldn’t afford them, we are actually treated to a serious lecture here about how the government needs to get even more involved in making home ownership a reality for “everyone.” Malveaux informs us that Hill has been leading a quiet life for the last 20 years in Massachusetts — was it in a cave? Did she miss the whole, you know, meltdown?

Talk about a disconnect. And now I am angry at Justice Clarence Thomas… for doing everything he could to help this dim bulb find job after job after job…

Malveaux doesn’t even challenge Hill on this obvious point of recent history, but this is probably due to Malveaux’s obvious hero worship for Hill, which sets the tone for the entire interview.

What I personally found most troubling about the clip was Malveaux working so hard to set up a date between President Obama and Hill so that Hill can pitch her home-ownership disaster of an idea directly to President Obama.

Is that the new mission of the “most trusted name in news?” To lobby on behalf of their liberal guests to get an audience with the President?

There’s a bigger agenda at work here, though. The whole idea is to re-litigate the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill hearings. Malveaux needs to pretend that a left-wing cause celebre like Hill receiving 25,000 letters of support over the last 20 years is some kind of big deal, because resurrecting all of this as though it’s just a fact Hill told the truth will be important in the coming months, for the left will attempt to get Thomas removed from the upcoming ObamaCare decision. The more unpopular he is in the eyes of the public, the easier this will be.

It’s highly unlikely Thomas will agree to do such a thing (and there’s certainly no legitimate reason he should), but should ObamaCare be found unconstitutional, it will also be important to the left that they have an excuse to find some way to declare the ruling illegitimate. And one way to do that will be to add a third decade to the ongoing smearing of Clarence Thomas.

Malveaux’s transparent effort here to turn his “victim” a folk hero is very much a part of that cynical, partisan effort.


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