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Thursday Crib Sheet: The MSM Lynching Of Herman Cain; Halloween Costumes!


– While the Occupy movement continues to labor in the streets in a manner designed to help Obama and the Democrats, why isn’t the media bothering to report the significant role Big Labor is playing? That’s a rhetorical question, but you can vent in comments of you like.

The most interesting part of this story, however, is that one of the AFL-CIO affiliates behind the campaign, the Working America group, is headed by a veteran of the Venceremos Brigades to Cuba, a progressive activist by the name of Karen Nussbaum. Equally significant, her husband works for the public relations firm that represented billionaire hedge fund operator George Soros.

– No bias at Time, nope. Plus, were Cain a Democrat and Time not part of the Left, they’d be called racist for making cracks about him.

Time magazine’s website made a cutesy list of the “The 10 Best (Topical) Halloween Costumes of 2011.” Number two on the list was the “GOP presidential candidates.” You could be Michele Bachmann and look “overly wide-eyed, like you just drank a coffeemaker.” Wear a nightcap with your Rick Perry costume for his “sleepiness on the campaign trail.” Herman Cain has a “gimmicky jobs plan” inside a pizza box.

– But the, with the New York Times all but calling Cain and “minstrel,” Bryant Gumbel mumbling on about plantations, and Andrea Mitchell playing the race card so badly, even NBC’s Chuck Todd disapproved, race is the third rail of politics for thee but not for me, as far as the Left in media is concerned. It’s the new tolerance, the media detests lynching, unless the black person is conservative, or has an “R” after their name.

– If the Occupy movement has accomplished anything positive, it’s been to draw out more and more would-be journalists who can’t help saluting, or giving a fist-bump to it, revealing the bias that’s been driving their coverage all along:

The ombudsman at the Philadelphia Daily News sees nothing wrong with one of its reporters who is covering the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York also tweeting in support of the movement.

– It’s not only race, what would happen if a Repubican said it?

The VP gives speeches all over the place. What is a big deal is that during the speech, Biden said he wished that opponents of Obama’s “jobs bill” knew what it was like to be robbed and raped.

It would be nice if we could rest our case. But as the Left and media have every intention of continuing to persecute the Right every chance it gets, we have no choice but to defend ourselves and push back when and where we can.


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