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Shorter Jennifer Rubin: It's All About Me!


***ADDED: Please read my colleague Joel Pollak’s intelligent and thoughful counterpoint here.

Also, keep in mind that as a proud Palinista I watched Rubin join with the MSM in tearing apart Sarah Palin and gave her the benefit of the doubt. Now that she’s using words like “buffoon” to describe our potential nominee in what I see as an ongoing crusade on her part to destroy him, I felt it was time to say something.

There are ways to criticize the GOP and not play into the MSM’s hands. Ms. Rubin might want to spend some time reading Ed Morrissey, “National Review” and the “Weekly Standard.”

I do feel Joel made a number of worthy points, however, and again urge you to read his piece.

The Washington Post’s in-house “conservative” Jennifer Rubin could’ve just stopped at “I don’t have a loyalty…”

“I don’t have a loyalty in the same way that many conservative writers do that they feel hesitant or constrained about criticizing conservatives,” she said.

And this is why the Washington Post hired (and Politico’s Ben Smith profiled) Jennifer Rubin. Nothing is more useful to or cherished by the corrupt MSM than a “conservative” willing to aid them in destroying threats to Barack Obama.

Here are a couple of words to back that theory up: Joe and Scarborough.

With all the problems in America, with all the wrong-doing, corruption, and incompetence we see in the mainstream media, Congress, and the White House, with so many Left-wing dragons to slay — here’s a look at Rubin’s priorities:

…Jennifer Rubin, has written 60 columns on the would-be conservative favorite, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, eight of them Tuesday.

Rubin tends to write long, for a blogger, and those columns add up to 38,722 words, among them “sleepy,” “hostile,” “dreadful,” “provincial,” “cloying,” and “buffoon.”

Think of how useful all of this high-profile undermining of Perry from a fellow conservative will be to the left should the Texas Governor win the nomination. That Rubin is making herself useful is no secret to anyone:

Rubin’s main focus is increasingly the 2012 contest, and it will likely be where she has her largest influence. The makers of attack advertisements love to cite the Post and the New York Times, and 30-second television spots don’t differentiate between the news and opinion sections.

Worse still, imagine the good someone on our side could do at the Washington Post if they were willing to, you know, put the well-being of their country above their own selfish desire to be seen as above it all. No one’s saying Rubin can’t criticize the GOP, but there’s a way to do it that doesn’t hurt our chances against Obama — that doesn’t lock arms with Obama’s corrupt media Palace Guards in their crusade to toxify GOP candidates into something unelectable.

But none of that matters to Jennifer Rubin.

Rubin isn’t a conservative and she’s not even a liberal, she’s a Rubin-ite. She’s all about herself. Everything is always about Jennifer Rubin and to hell with the bigger moral world she inhabits that demands we realize there actually are some things more important than showing off how “independent” and “intellectually honest” we are.

Screw America, look at me!

Rubin doesn’t impress me; she disgusts me even more than the left does. At least leftists believe in a cause bigger than themselves. It might be big government tyranny, but at least it’s a cause.

Rubin’s cause is Rubin. After all, who else wants to be used by the MSM?

Rubin’s hire last November marked the Post’s third attempt at landing a conservative blogger. The first two ended disastrously, in 2006 when blogger Ben Domenech was forced out by allegations he’d plagiarized work for his college newspaper; and in 2010 when leaked emails from the next designated official conservative blogger, David Weigel, made clear that he wasn’t the movement conservative editors seemed to have thought he was.

Ask a stupid question.

Message to conservatives: When Politico’s Ben Smith is enamored with you, you’re doing it wrong.


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