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John King's Sanctimonious Scolding of Jason Mattera Proves We Need More Jason Matteras


For starters, what Jason Mattera and the likes of James O’Keefe are doing is absolutely no different than what made the oh-so-legendary Mike Wallace oh-so-legendary. When the left uses these tactics, it’s heralded as holding power accountable and the brave pursuit of the truth. But now that New Media has given the right a chance to pick up that sword, it’s called unethical, and worse, it becomes The Story as opposed to the truth those tactics helped to uncover. But that, of course, is part of the plan. By making Mattera and O’Keefe the story, the corrupt MSM doesn’t have to talk about Obama’s ties to ACORN or the false statistics repeatedly spouted by a sitting Vice President.


Secondly, what else are those of us interested in the truth supposed to do? Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States, runs around America demagoguing and spreading false statistics with the unconscionable claim that if Republicans don’t pass Son of Stimulus women will be raped, and the sycophant media lets him get away with it. There were likely dozens of so-called reporters following the Vice President around, and had Mattera not stepped up to the plate, Biden would’ve gotten away with this outrage.

In a just world, we would not know James O’Keefe’s name. Don’t misunderstand me; O’Keefe is my hero, and if I won the lottery, his Project Veritas would receive more money than he would know what to do with. But the reason we know O’Keefe’s name is because our media is so in the tank for the left that he and Hannah Giles were able to become famous by taking down that sinister den of corruption known as ACORN. In my mind, they didn’t become famous for putting ACORN out of business; they became famous for stepping into a vacuum created by a corrupt media. Anyone paying attention knew ACORN was corrupt. That was low-hanging fruit, but the leftist media consciously refused to pick it.

When George W. Bush was President, one thing we never had to worry about was the kind of corruption both political parties are capable of. And so for all their overreach and bias, at the very least we could rest easy in the knowledge that if anyone in the Bush Administration crossed the line, the MSM would pounce. This is true for all things Republican and conservative, and that is a good thing.

We do not, however, enjoy that same comfort when it comes to Democrats and the left, because the MSM has become their Palace Guards. This is why we need the likes of James O’Keefe and Jason Mattera, and this is why it’s necessary for them to revisit the tactics that made Mike Wallace famous.

If you’re still not convinced the MSM is a disgrace, watch the clip posted above again. CNN’s John King is so far gone that it’s Jason Mattera he hauls into the studio for a sanctimonious tongue-lashing as opposed to the dozens of so-called “journalists” who let Biden get away with demagoguing with false statistics.

How is that any different from scolding someone for not following the proper procedures when it comes to calling the fire department as opposed to those who just stood around and did nothing as the building burned?

Anyone with a moral compass knows there’s no difference and that nothing proves Mattera’s point better than where John King chose to point his phony outrage.


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