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Friday Crib Sheet: Fun With Matt Lauer, O'Reilly and Beck's Restore-Off, NYT Stock Downgraded


Two super fun facts about Matt Lauer.

– The UHF of cable news now has an app.

NYT stock downgraded. Surprise.

– Seriously, is there anything short of brain damage that qualifies as an acceptable excuse for watching MSNBC?

Take this evening’s Ed Show. Schultz accused Rep. Paul Ryan of “inciting civil war” and suggested Republicans might “want violence to take place in our society.” Not to be outdone, thankfully former Florida congressman Alan Grayson called Ryan and Republicans “the real killers,” akin to O.J. Simpson.

– Bill O’Reilly challenges Glenn Beck in the epic Restoring Battle 2011.

– Of even more concern, some of the lightweights and non-thinkers on TV are still intent on propping him up:

Yesterday CNN asked its viewers whether President Barack Obama should bypass Congress to enact his economic policies, using-and expanding-his executive powers to control vast swathes of our economic life.

– But then, their misguided vision of Obama and his disastrous policies are only two of many myths the media seeks to spin:

“There’s no violence coming from the ‘Occupy’ protesters,” Moore insisted. “What we’ve – what we’ve seen across the country are a series of police riots, where the police are rioting, where the police have gotten violent.”

– Even liberal editorial pages are starting to toss around the word “Nixonian.” What a difference a few years can make:

If anything, there is almost a Nixonian quality to the level of control, paranoia–and lack of credibility–this White House has demonstrated on the issue of media access to President Obama’s fundraisers.


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