Ben Smith's BuzzFeed Politics Loves Seamus, Ignore Obama Eating Dog

Ben Smith's BuzzFeed Politics Loves Seamus, Ignore Obama Eating Dog

2012 is all about the media, as far as I’m concerned, and BuzzFeed Politics looks as though it’s going to be our primary example of just how corrupt and desperate the media is to see Barack Obama re-elected. Just when you think Ben Smith couldn’t top this from yesterday, today we get to expose one of Obama’s Primary Palace Guards through a sin of omission.  

Ben Smith is the Left’s Lex Luthor of creating nonsense-distractions to embarrass or throw Republicans off message (I call it “The Art of Ben Smithing”), and these distractions are tailor-made for his friends in the mainstream media, who want to talk about anything other than Obama’s failed record and Romney’s vision for the country.  

For example, Ben Smith is the guy who told us Sarah Palin’s tanning bed was news but also wrote nothing-to-see-here pieces about Bill Ayers and the New Black Panthers. This is the guy who pretended he had scooped Andrew Breitbart with the Obama Harvard tapes just so he could bury the context and attempt to protect Obama.   

Another example, this one from his new perch at BuzzFeed Politics, has Smith and his crew of mini-Smiths desperately pushing the meme about the car elevators Governor Romney reportedly had installed in his home — look here, here, and here — all in an effort to create distractions that hurt Romney. As Iowahawk put it so well on Twitter, “The media wants me to care more about what Romney does with his money than what Obama does with mine.” 

Which brings me to the point.  

One of the media’s and the White House’s favorite distraction-memes this campaign season was going to be a 1983 story involving the Romney family dog Seamus. But then Jim Treacher came along yesterday and blew the Seamus-narrative up right in the media’s face with the discovery that Obama actually ate a dog. No, really, he did. This news pretty much makes it impossible to knock the other guy for putting a dog carrier on a car when your guy put a dog down his throat.  

And do you think Ben Smith’s team of crack Ben Smithers loved them some Seamus memes?  

Oh. Yes. Indeedy. They. Do. BuzzFeed Politics also posted the photo above to anchor one of their stories.

And yet, even though the site is called BUZZfeed Politics, and one of the proprietors, Mr. Smith, is obsessed with nonsense,  as of this writing there is nothing on the site about the most buzzed-about political story today — Obama eating a dog.  

Not a single story. Not a single word.

Unless they want to try and pass this off as coverage, which these shills probably will.

Well, what do you know.  

You see, Smith will have his staff go on and on about elevators and a dog named Seamus–but not a dog named Dinner.  

Nope, this story not only hurts the media’s Precious One. It also kills the Seamus narrative they had planned to milk straight through to November.

And this is how the media memory-holes.


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