51% Ratings Collapse: Time To Put CNN Out Of Our Misery

In the face of horrible, awful, not so very good ratings, CNN continues to beclown itself — the latest example — and then act all befuddled over why a network committed to “objective journalism” is losing more viewers than a 90 year-old stripper.

Forget April — May was the cruellest month for CNN.

The third-place cable news network hit a 20-year prime-time ratings low last month, averaging only 390,000 viewers — down 51 percent from May 2011.

Those were also CNN’s lowest numbers, in prime time, since October 1991.

While prime-time numbers for all the cable news networks were off from May of last year — MSNBC was down 19 percent and Fox News Channel dropped 9 percent — CNN was hit the hardest.

In addition to its prime-time woes, CNN also had its second-lowest-rated month in 20 years in the “money” news demo of adults 25-54, according to thewrap.com. …

MSNBC was down 19 percent in total-day ratings, while FNC was down 6 percent.

Note to CNN: Watch this clip again. Loop it in your board rooms so everyone can watch Soledad O’Brien’s face literally turn red when Sununu calls her out on her bias. Watch Ron Brownstein look like his Big Wheel just got stolen when Sununu owns him with the truth.

These are your so-called objective journalists being publicly humiliated for their biases and bubbled ignorance of the facts.

This is why you are failing. You cannot lie to people about your very identity and expect them to sit there and take it when competition is everywhere.