Politico Crybabies Over 'Small Ball' Politics It Created

Politico Crybabies Over 'Small Ball' Politics It Created

Let’s remember that Politico is nothing more than MSNBC’s unofficial Web-branch, and that two of its very worst left-wing hitmen, disguised as reporters, are Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman — whose Indian name should be: She-Who-Does-Oppo-Research-On-Private-Citizens. Today, both of Obama’s operatives whine and moan on the pages of Politico with a pathetic piece titled “The 2012 Campaign Is the Smallest Ever.”

For years, operatives, reporters and potential nominees envisioned the 2012 presidential campaign as a titanic clash of media-swarmed combatants with big ideas about the future. In the Republican primaries, this was almost a mantra: this is the most important campaign in a generation.

So why does it feel so small?

Dating to the beginning of the cycle, 2012 has unfolded so far as a grinding, joyless slog, falling short in every respect of the larger-than-life personalities and debates of the 2008 campaign.

There have been small-ball presidential campaigns before, but veteran strategists and observers agree this race is reaching a record degree of triviality. Nothing previously can compare with a race being fought hour by hour in 140-character Twitter increments and blink-and-you-miss-it cable segments. Not to mention an endless flood of caustic television ads.

Blame the campaign strategist, blame the operatives, blame the reporters. They know it’s a drag. And they know they’re responsible.

Oh, shut up.

This coming from the same Politico that prides itself as the “ESPN of Politics;” the same Politico that employs Mike Allen, famous for “Win the Day.” Pretty soon Politico will likely resurrect it’s daily score-keeper, which decides whether Obama or Romney won the day. And let us never forget that it was Politico that spawned the dark art of nonsense-distractions and nothing-to-see-here cover-ups (to ensure issues are never discussed) known as BenSmithing.

Just yesterday, Politico joined the pathetic media pile-on in the unbelievably pointless (and ultimately false) story that Marco Rubio wasn’t being vetted by the Romney camp as a VP pick. This is all a game to these leftists. In 2008, Politico played it to avoid having to vet Obama. In 2012, it’s all about ignoring the story surrounding Obama’s failed policies.

I’m almost certain the Latin translation for “Politico” is “The place where lying left-wingers use small-ball BenSmithing to keep Democrats in power.”

Politico and its leftist media ilk are the demented scientists who created this monster of small-ball politics, and now they’re just pouting because this year it’s not *sniff* going so well.

Haberman and Burns aren’t upset over the fact that the 2012 campaign is thus far “the smallest ever.” This is what Haberman and Burns are upset over.

In 2008 , Romney and those of us paying attention watched as Politico and the rest of the corrupt media used “winning the day” as a partisan tactic to constantly keep John McCain in a defensive crouch through the daily pounding of “small ball” — of real and imagined gaffes, phony fact-checking, the media-manufactured behavior of supporters, the drip-drip-drip of important issues like Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, wardrobe, and tanning beds, and of course RACISM RACISM RACISM.

This distraction machine was intentionally designed by Obama’s Media Palace Guards to ensure Obama would not get a proper vetting. Because, as they knew and we now know, Obama never would’ve survived the fact that there are 38 lies in his auto-biography, he ate barbecue with a domestic terrorist as a sitting United States Senator, his own lit agency falsely advertised he was born in Kenya for over a decade, and he was once a member of the socialist New Party.

By keeping the focus on McCain and especially his running mate, Sarah Palin, with the creation of distractions, and by focusing on everything but issues and Obama’s history, the media worked overtime to avoid what they knew would be a very troubling question to answer — the last question it wanted to answer: who is Barack Obama?

This time, however, the Romney campaign cracked the media’s insidious code, and so did those of us in New Media. And so we are beating them at their own game.

Naturally, the media is now responding with pathetic crybabying.

They don’t want to play anymore.

Well, boo hoo.


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