Politico's Harris & VandeHei Launch Pro-Obama Rampage To Kill Romney Off

Politico's Harris & VandeHei Launch Pro-Obama Rampage To Kill Romney Off

As some of the latest polls move back towards a tied race, you just can’t help but chuckle at the feckless, impotent, corrupt Politico’s feckless, impotent, corrupt attempt over these past few days to seal the deal for Obama.

Politico editors, John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei, aren’t just a couple of dishonest shills in the tank for Obama — they’re a couple of dishonest shills leading the Obama-worshipping media’s tank brigade.

On Saturday, Politico launched The Inevitability Narrative, citing — per the Politico norm — unnamed sources in the Romney campaign who all but said: Bring out your dead; Ohio is lost! Bring out your dead; Ohio is lost! And of course, if Romney can’t win Ohio, he can’t win the presidency.

Have you ever noticed which unnamed Romney advisors these Politico cretins always quote? Yeah, it’s always the Bring out your deaders!

So Politico leads the tank brigade and naturally the rest of the Obama-worshipping media jumped in their own tanks to follow along in order to inform us The Election Is Over. And then, just like that — Voila! — The Inevitability Narrative was borne from nothing more than a typical and expected post-convention bounce.

A bigger deal, though, is that the bigger goal of the dishonest, corrupt Politico and the rest of the tank brigade was to make damn sure a trifecta of bad news for Obama was smothered, snuffed, murdered, burned, buried, covered in lye and cemented over before the Sunday shows and the Monday news-cycle launched. Namely, Obama’s lousy, unspecific, more-of-the-same speech; the booing of God and Israel at the Democratic convention, and the worst jobs report of the last two years.

But ever since Saturday, besides pushing the Inevitable Narrative, Politico has gone a step further and done its best to kill off Romney once and for all. Today, if you look at Politico’s front page, the lead compares Romney to John Kerry and on 9/11 is intentionally resurrecting the two week-old narrative about Romney not mentioning the troops in his convention speech (even though he gave a well-received speech to the VFW the day before).

This of course is Politico’s way of creating yet another anti-Romney narrative with yet another set of anti-Romney talking points for the rest of the Obama-worshipping tank brigade to follow — and on the anniversary of 9/11, no less.

See how this works?

Note how there is not a single word in the media today (or yesterday) about jobs, unemployment , or the fact that our economy is struggling not to fall into recession. Nothing about Obama’s clunker speech or the booing of God and Israel.

But look at Politico’s front page right now — here a list of 8 of the 13 top stories at the top of the page (the other 5 have nothing to do with Obama or Romney):

1. GOP to Romney: You’re so vague

2. The Kerry-ization of Mitt Romney

3. Obama holds moment of silence (9/11 story)

4. Obama back in the lead (poll story)

5. Obama marks 9/11

6. Romney flunking national security.

7. Romney struggles with “replace”

8. Ryan pushed for green-car loans.

I ask again… see how this works?

There’s also an over-arching Narrative being grinded here — a Narrative determined to make Romney look incompetent. The dishonest, corrupt Politico is working hand-in-hand with the Obama campaign to send a message to voters that a man who can’t run a competent campaign surely can’t be trusted with the Oval Office.

You also have Politico doing everything in its dishonest, corrupt power to turn the small business owner who so famously bear-hugged Obama into some kind of folk hero. Yes, that’s right, the very same publication that in 2008 did everything in its dishonest, corrupt power to eviscerate Joe the Plumber, now finds everyday, white, working class guys who live in swing states to be worthy of one above-the-fold story after another.

But that’s because Harris and VendeHei know that this white, working class small business owner fits the very demographic Obama needs to win reelection. That other white, working class, wannabe-business owner, however, committed the unpardonable sin of asking a question Obama famously flubbed — so Harris and VendeHei had him destroyed.  

As if all of this isn’t enough, the Devil isn’t just on the front page of the dishonest, corrupt Politico — the Devil is also and always in the details. For instance… this.

The new ABC News/Washington Post polls shows Obama did not get a bump from the convention; it shows Obama only up a single point, 49/48. In other words, the latest poll doesn’t quite fit Politico’s Inevitability Narrative.

But this is Politico, folks, where Narrative trumps all — including Facts and Truth — so what does Politico’s Alexander Burns do?

Burns ignores the poll and writes this headline: Post/ABC poll: Obama back in the lead. And Burns justifies the headline by highlighting Obama’s lead among registered voters. Burns and Politico both know that the likely voter sample that shows the race tied is much more reliable than the registered voter sample that shows Obama in the lead, but….

The Narrative is all that matters; Obama winning reelection is all that matters.

Finally, be sure to read Mike Allen’s Politico Playbook this morning. It opens with the touching and very personal story of just how hard Obama works, how genuine and real he is. Then Allen hits Romney on the John Kerry comparison.


368,000 people gave up looking for work last month.

The poverty rate is increasing.

Middle class incomes are falling.

But Harris and VendeHei and their team of shameless JournOlisters don’t give a damn about the jobless or the poor or the middle class or the concept of objective and honest reporting — all Harris and VandeHei and their team of shameless JournOlisters care about is dragging Their Precious One over the finish line.

Obama-hugger gets more attention than 368,000 people dropping out of the workforce.

Romney not mentioning the troops in his speech gets more attention that Obama blowing his speech entirely.

Democrats booing God and Israel at their convention gets 1/50th the attention Clint Eastwood received.

Ryan’s marathon brag gets more attention than middle class incomes falling.

Romney’s tax returns get more attention than the increase in poverty.

Ryan being branded a liar for telling the truth about that GM plant in Janesville gets more attention than manufacturing contracting three months in a row.

And over the next 57 days, the dishonest, corrupt Politico will only get worse.

Not once will these shills dare to even create a narrative that will hold Obama accountable for his dismal economic record, empty promises, lack of second-term specifics, or the increase in poverty.

Not once.


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