CBS News Celebrates Big Taxing Ways and Means Committee

CBS News Celebrates Big Taxing Ways and Means Committee

As the US Government sits embroiled in a fiscal stalemate between the Democrats’ desire to further increase taxes on Americans and the Republicans’ hope to reform government spending, CBS News decided to host their morning show from inside the Ways and Means Committee chamber and celebrate the room and the politicians who have been historically responsible for raising taxes on the American people.

For decades the House Ways and Means Committee has been ground zero for the federal government’s oppressive taxation policies, but you wouldn’t have gotten that point of view from the hagiographic puff piece CBS presented this morning:  

You don’t see CBS News broadcasting from the House Armed Services Committee or the House Budget Committee where Chairman Paul Ryan is trying to spearhead entitlement reform and tax reductions.  No, in a not so subtle endorsement for big government taxation, Norah O’Donnell and Charlie Rose sat in the august chamber dedicated to nothing else but growing the federal government by dipping their hands into the American people’s wallets.  

It’s these tiny little signals sent to the American viewing public that help sway the President’s narrative in favor of higher taxes that often go unnoticed, but contribute to the Democratic Party’s efforts in influencing public opinion.  


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