Obama Hearts 60 Minutes' Steve Kroft

Obama Hearts 60 Minutes' Steve Kroft

In any other media era, this would be a badge of shame for any journalist. But today, with the media openly championing all things Obama, Steve Kroft of “60 Minutes” gets a sweet ‘attaboy from Politico; although you know Politico must be awfully jealous. Politico destroyed its reputation to become besties with Lightbringer.

In other news, any hope we had of getting to the bottom of the White House’s Libya cover up Sunday night have just vanished:

If news of a joint Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton interview to air Sunday came as a surprise, the man the White House chose to conduct the interview did not.

Every politician has his or her preferred interviewer: for President Obama, that’s Steve Kroft of “60 Minutes.” …

The reasons are simple, according to sources who worked on the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaigns: Obama trusts Kroft, and he trusts the “60 Minutes” format, which allows for longer answers and isn’t subject to the tight editing required for nightly news packages. On “60 Minutes,” an hour-long news magazine, Obama can stretch out and give nuanced answers to complicated questions.

Hey, if I were president and knew I could count on some sycophant to hide politically inconvenient video of our interview until it could be spun into a plus, he’d be my favorite too!

Oh, Steve!

Oh, Barack!

Let us run together through this sun-dappled meadow peppered with small white daffodils until joy so overcomes, we fall to the ground laughing without control…

But what about Libya?

The sun won’t dapple forever.

Oh, Barack.

Oh, Steve.

And democracy takes another blow.


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