Scandal-Plagued Steve Capus Out as NBC News President

Scandal-Plagued Steve Capus Out as NBC News President

For months now, Breitbart News has made Steve Capus the poster boy for the ongoing scandals and instances of editorial fraud that occurred under his watch as NBC News president. During his tenure, no fewer than the equivalent of five RatherGates happened; and after two, three and four of these incidents, it became glaringly apparent that Capus was the problem. Today, action was finally taken. Capus is no longer with NBC News.

Whether Capus resigned or was forced out because someone on the NBC board finally decided his moral illiteracy needed to come to an end doesn’t matter. What matters is that a management style that either encouraged this fraud or was helpless to stop it is out.

It is worth noting, though, that just six-months ago, Capus signed a long-term deal with NBC News to remain as its president.

But the only real question is, why did it take this long?

The rap sheet against Capus isn’t troubling, surprising, or even disturbing — it is breathtaking:

1. During last year’s presidential election, Andrea Mitchell was caught manufacturing a Romney gaffe where none existed.

2. During last year’s GOP primary, Ed Schultz edited video of Texas Governor Rick Perry to make him look racist.

3. In April of last year, the “Today Show” was caught editing audio of a 9-1-1 call to make George Zimmerman look racist.

4. In August of 2009, Contessa Brewer sliced and diced a photograph so it wouldn’t look like a black man attended a Tea Party carrying a firearm.  

5. Just this week, NBC News maliciously edited video of a town council meeting to make it look as though Second Amendment civil rights activists heckled a parent who lost his son in Newtown.

This isn’t bias; this is committing outright fraud in pursuit of a political agenda. And it is no coincidence that every single one of these incidents aided and abetted Obama directly or whatever his agenda was at the time.

In April we wrote: “Three Strikes and NBC’s Steve Capus Should Be Out

In June we asked: “How Many Deceptive NBC Edits Before Steve Capus Is Fired?”

A few days ago we had to ask that question yet again.

Today, we finally got the answer as to how many deceptive edits before Capus is out — too many.

If the history of the media, and specifically NBC News, is any indicator, the new boss is going to look an awful lot like the old boss. But let’s not be completely cynical. While NBC’s irresponsible and unrelenting left-wing bias will never end, we can at least have some hope that its irresponsible and unforgiving fraud will.

Today would have been Andrew Breitbart’s 44th birthday. He might be gone, but his impact and legacy grow stronger with each passing day. 


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