Primetime: Piers Morgan Falls to Near-Last on Last Place Network

Primetime: Piers Morgan Falls to Near-Last on Last Place Network

At the height of his gun-grab demagoguery, for a time, Piers Morgan was able to brag (and did brag) that his ratings were number-one on CNN. Being number-one on a last place network is something, I guess — but now Morgan doesn’t even have those bragging rights.

Wednesday night, in the key 25-54 demo, Morgan attracted a measly 113,000 viewers, which means he was beat by everyone else at CNN during the all-important primetime hours (between 5pm and 10pm), except for the increasingly hapless Erin Burnett, who hit a Soledad O’Brien-level rating low with only 89,000 viewers.

When you look at MSNBC, Fox, and CNN –in that same demo, Morgan and Burnett also had the lowest numbers of viewers between 5pm and 10pm of the lot.

In recent days, especially via Twitter, Morgan has tried to relive the glory days of the anti-Second Amendment train-wrecking that temporarily boosted him to the top of the bottom.

We’ll see if that does Morgan any good. Chances are, though, that as we have seen in the polls, now that emotions aren’t as high over Sandy Hook, Americans are returning to their senses when it comes to restricting civil rights and left-wing hucksters greedily feasting off the unspeakable.

Morgan is not only a ratings disaster for CNN; he is a public relations nightmare for a network that claims to want to be taken seriously as an objective news outlet.

Note: This isn’t Big Journalism cherry-picking a bad night for Morgan. He has been slowly losing ratings steam for some time now.




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