Politico: Trayvon 'Black,' Zimmerman 'Identifies Himself as Hispanic'

Politico: Trayvon 'Black,' Zimmerman 'Identifies Himself as Hispanic'

Tuesday, the Associate Press published an article about juror B37’s Monday night interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Buried under over a dozen paragraphs, the AP finally reveals that, “The juror said she didn’t think Martin’s race was the reason Zimmerman followed him on a dark[.]” This is an inconvenient narrative for the a media so desperate to enflame racial division that they continue to strip George Zimmerman of his own racial identity, which is Hispanic.

The article, correctly identifies teenage shooting victim Trayvon Martin as black. Like most of the rest of the media, though, the Associated Press cannot seem to bring himself to identify Zimmerman as what he is: Hispanic. Instead, the AP writes, “Martin was black, and Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic.”

Like President Obama, George Zimmerman has one white parent. No one in the mainstream media has ever questioned Obama’s black ethnicity or identified him as anything other as black –which is, of course, proper. Obama is black and Zimmerman is Hispanic.

Across numerous media platforms, though, Zimmerman’s race is either ignored completely or watered down to “white Hispanic” or some variation of “self-identified Hispanic.”

Many believe, including myself, that the media were confused by Zimmerman’s last name and got ahead of themselves with the white versus black narrative. Assuming someone with the last name Zimmerman was white (or Jewish), the media geared up and angled their coverage only to discover they had a Hispanic man in the crosshairs. By then it was too late.

Unwilling to give up the white versus black narrative, the media chose instead to strip Zimmerman of his identity.


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**This article incorrectly originally identified Politico as the outlet that authored the piece (Politico merely re-published it). The error has been corrected.







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