Media Mock Obama's 'Pivot' To Economy

Media Mock Obama's 'Pivot' To Economy

It is probably not a good sign when Barack Obama’s biggest fans ridicule his major announcement that he’s going to once again “pivot to the economy.” But in a tweet fired off early Tuesday afternoon, the verified Twitter account of the ABC Sunday show “This Week”  tweeted out an ABC News story titled, “Obama Pivots to Economy… Again.”

In spots, the story itself is mocking in tone, including an absurdly long list of how many times Obama has “pivoted” to the economy.

Earlier today NBC’s Chuck Todd took his own shot at White House messaging:

During his MSNBC show Monday, Todd mocked the whole idea as “Deja Pivot”:

The fact that the media see Obama’s desire to focus on his failing economy as mockable should be a warning sign to the White House. Despite all the phony distractions ginned up by Obama and his media *cough* Zimmerman *cough*, the American people are mostly concerned about a stagnant, jobless “recovery” being artificially propped up by Bernanke’s printing press.

And what we have is a president who is not taken seriously on the issue, even by his most smitten supporters.


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