Shutdown: Cancer Treatments Defunded, Public Broadcasting Receives $445 Million

Shutdown: Cancer Treatments Defunded, Public Broadcasting Receives $445 Million

It seems impossible to make sense of a president who would threaten to veto a compromise funding bill to cover cancer treatments for children sick with cancer, while public television and radio stations receive almost a half-billion dollars in funding. Via Fox News:

Funding for clinical cancer trials and other life-saving research under the National Institutes of Health was cut off in response to the government slimdown, but it looks like the cookie monster will still be knee-deep in chocolate chips (or is it carrots now?)

According to the Daily Treasury Statement and first reported by CNS News, the administration dished out $445 million to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) on the first day of the slimdown, which means funds for the likes of PBS Newshour, NPR and “Sesame Street” are being spent before cancer research.

“It’s more than irresponsible, it is reprehensible. It’s an ‘in-your-face’ move by the administration, blatantly picking winners and losers in this shutdown,” C. Edmund Wright, a columnist for and American Thinker, told FOX411. “Public broadcasting is a staple of liberal propaganda.”

PBS and NPR are state-funded (in part) left-wing media outlets.  


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